Boob Crawl in Itaewon


Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 21:00


Event Type:

YOU can never get enough bOObs, so we are having a pre-lube before the big (.)(.) event. We are asking for 5,000w to participate in the fun. 
당신은 여전히 더많은 붑이 필요해요! 그래서 붑 이벤트 전야제를 열 예정이예요. 단지 5,000원으로 같이 즐길수 있어요.

YOU will receive a pink breast cancer awareness band, a bOOb Crawl card and IF you complete the crawl, you will be entered into a drawing for prizes.
핑크리본 팔찌, 붑 투어 카드, 그리고 붑 투어를 끝내면 상품을 탈수있는 추첨권이 주어질거예요.

WE will provide you with a few hours of fun and an opportunity to make new friends. Don't have any or want new ones, you definitely need to come. 
즐거운 시간과 새로운 친구를 만들수있는 기회를 제공해드려요.아무것두 필요한건없고 그냥 오기만 하세요.

WE will start at 9pm. Don't be late! Schedule and times may change slightly, but we are hitting five different bars and we're doing five different things. 
저녁 9시에 시작합니다. 늦지마세요! 스케쥴과 시간은 약간 변경될수 있어요.5개의 바를 돌거구 5개의 다른것들을 하게될거에요.

9-9:30pm Bar #1: bOObie Breaker @ Bless U
9:40-10:10pm Bar #2: Whose bOObies R These? @ Dillinger's 
10:10-10:40pm Bar #3: Pin the Nipples on the bOObies @ JR Pub
10:40-11:10pm Bar#4: Reveal the bOObies @ MoonNight
11:10-12:00am Bar#5 bOObie Auction & Drawing @ SinBin

*If you bought a bracelet from us before the event, wear it to the bOOb Crawl and you can participate in the fun for 2,000w.
이벤트전에 팔찌를 사면 그걸차고 붑 투어에 오세요.그러면 2000원으로 이 행사에 참여할수 있어요.

**All money raised at this event will go to the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation.
이 행사에서 모여진 모든 기금들은 Korea Breast Cancer Foundation에 보내지게될거예요.