Bibigo Supporters Recruitment


Friday, June 1, 2018 - 10:30


Event Type: 

We invite to enjoy various cultures together with the opportunity to experience Bibigo products.
Foreigner ers and locals in Korea who have interest and passion for Bibigo, Korean food, and food culture.
Active users of social media channels such as a blog, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook.
Foreigners who can speak and write Korean fluently or intermediate level and able to post SNS contents in Korean.
Participants who are able to participate in offline events and monthly online mission activities in Seoul during the activity period.
Application deadline 
April 13th(Fri) - May 2nd(Wed) 2018
May 9th (Wed) ~ 10th (Thu) 2018
Final announcement
May 11th (Fri) 2018
Opening Ceremony
May 24th (Thu) 2018
Duration of Activity 
Jun-Nov 2018 (6 months)