BETA Presents! Auditions for 12 Angry Men (Women included)

Saturday, October 11, 2014 - 12:00

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“12 Angry Men” will be performed on January 10th and 11th (venue TBD, but in Busan). Rehearsal times and locations will be announced soon, and the hope is to have a majority of the rehearsal time on either Saturdays or Sunday afternoons, possibly both on some weeks. 
This play will be challenging, as the action takes place entirely in a single room, with all twelve performers on stage for the entirety of the show. 
Audition pieces will be provided, and there will be a sign-up for time blocks (see facebook event) for multiple actors to audition together as I wish to see the interactions between actors in a variety of scenes. Nothing need be memorized for the auditions.
In terms of casting, I am open to casting as openly as possible with some suggestions and a bit of a “wish-list” for just a few roles. In the original, all of the characters were portrayed by males, this certainly will not be the case for our show.

The action takes place in a single room, in which the twelve jurors in a seemingly open-and-shut case must determine the fate of a young man accused of capital murder, and facing the death penalty if convicted. The jury's decision must be unanimous in this case. 

The unnamed characters are as follows:

Foreman: A high school coach, initially wary of, then impressed by the authority of their position. Not overly bright, but dogged.
Juror 2: A bank clerk. Meek and hesitant, easily swayed by the arguments of others.
Juror 3: Head of a messenger service. Very forceful and opinionated, intolerant with little sense of humor. (primary antagonist)
Juror 4: A stockbroker. Clearly a person of some taste and refinement. Feels themselves to be superior to the others. Very clear and well-spoken, with an almost entirely fact-based approach. Impeccably groomed.
Juror 5: A youngish person who grew up in a slum, now a mechanic. Takes the responsibility for this trial very seriously, though hesitant about speaking up when elders are speaking.
Juror 6: A house painter. An honest, though not especially quick-witted person who generally comes to decisions slowly and carefully.
Juror 7: A salesperson, full of flash and bravado. Has more important things to do than jury duty, Quick to form opinions, especially opinions based on ignorance. A bit of a bully and a coward.
Juror 8: An architect. Quiet and thoughtful. Sees many sides to an issue in search of the truth, and believes strongly in justice. This is the first character to express the slightest doubt about the defendant's guilt. (main protagonist)
Juror 9: (really hoping for an older actor for this role) A retired person, long since defeated by life. Mourns for days when courage came easier.
Juror 10: Garage owner. An angry, bitter sort who antagonizes basically everyone. Bigoted and petty. Has been nowhere and is going nowhere. Has a cold. (secondary antagonist)
Juror 11: (really hoping for a non-native English speaker for this role) A watchmaker who left their home country seeking greater liberty. Humble and almost subservient, but with a strong belief in justice that is very intensely felt.
Juror 12: An advertiser. Superficial and snobbish, sees people through the lens of graphs, percentages, and polls. Constantly doodling. 

Again, apart from the parenthetical wish-lists, I am basically open to casting any role as any gender or age group within reason. Character backgrounds in some cases are actually fairly malleable, as none of the characters are ever actually named. I have intentionally omitted ages in most cases, as they are only important in a few instances.

All characters are crucial to the unfolding of the drama in this play, as it is truly an examination of beliefs, conceptions of truth, of guilt, innocence, integrity, justice, and decency. I truly look forward to bringing this piece of work to the stage here, and look forward to our journey in making this happen.

Time slots for auditions will each be 30 minutes, with up to four actors each time.

Directions to Table Talk:
Get off at Kyunsung University stop (212 on the green line) and leave through exit 5. Turn left at the gas station. Table Talk is in the second building on your right, on the third floor.
Be sure to buy a drink or food when you come!