Art exhibition closing party and farewell Korea


Saturday, September 8, 2012 - 12:00


Event Type: 


Solo art exibition of 

(((((CAT DAZE)))))

and closing party

Busan and Gimhae local

Foreigner artist 

In Gimhae-- Gallery in Coffee shop by Yeong-ji park 

The even is 12-2 pm 

DIRECTIONS:from busan: Take Subway line 3 to Daejeo or line 2 to Sasang and transfer to the
Busan-Gimhae light rail (the purple line). Ride it towards kaya
university and get off at the stop for Yeonji Park. Come out exit one
and head for the park (by back a little in the direction from which
the train came and crossing the big main road). When you get over to
the park where you can see a clock and stuff, go to your right and
keep right, going along one side of the park. Follow that edge of the
park till you get to the other corner of the park, where there is a
row of cafes and restaurants going to your left. Cross the road to the
side where they all are and walk along till you get to Gallery in
Coffee which is about halfway down.