2012 Ulsan Inferno


Saturday, June 16, 2012 - 10:00


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What the Hell is the INFERNO?

The Inferno is a two-wheeled scavenger hunt to visit the scenic sights in and around the city of Ulsan.
Here's a short video from various years of Ulsan Inferno events

Over the course of the day, each team of two or more people will need to visit a number of areas in and around Ulsan, riding a scooter, bicycle or motorcycle. Teams will be given the exact location of the areas the day of the rally.
The winner is the team with the most points. Points are awarded based on a number of factors, including how far the location is from the end point, and the type of two-wheeler you're riding. For example a bicycle rider might get 8 points for riding to a distant point, but a 125cc Scooter or motorcycle might only get 4 points while a full size bike above 125cc would only get 1 point.
But scoring goes beyond merely visiting the site. Judges will review the photos and results of each location's challenges and give bonus points for creativity.
When? Where? What?
June 16, 2012 from 10:00 am until 4:00pm. Starting from Taehwagang Train Station and ending up at ---TBD--- around 4pm.
Anyone can participate, so long as you have a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle, or someone can let you ride tandem).
How does one score extra points?
Below is a non-inclusive list of how points may be obtained. You may come up with your own.
At each location you must take a photograph of the objective and you must complete some to be determined activity at the location. The camera must be digital (seriously, does anyone even have a film camera anymore?) as the card(s) will be given to judges upon completion of the rally. Your picture should capture you and your teammates in the "scenic" beauty of the location - creativity counts! This point is mandatory for all areas.
Bonus Points:
we're still developing our bonus points, but they're going to be WICKED!
A full list may be provided with the location map on Inferno Day. Judges are free to deduct points for tastelessness, violations of law, utter disrespect for the environment or other egregious errors.
In the past, there have often been bonus points for nudity, but this year we've decided to move away from that, so that our judges don't have to see a million bum pictures again. Also, some people showed poor judgment on when or where the nudity bonus could be applied without offending the local people, so this year NO NUDITY!
What else should I know?
Teams must have at least two, two-wheeled vehicles (in case of mechanical trouble not everyone is stranded) and not more than four people . Plan your routes carefully - this is not a race, although your time will be limited. Points are deducted for arriving after the 4pm finish time. But safety is the biggest factor, so please, drive carefully and responsibly! Rub on some sun block, too!

What do we do after 4pm?
Take a rest! Have a shower!
Following the Inferno, there will be an after party at Cima Bar in Samsandong. This party is for everyone, whether or not they participated in the Inferno.
There will be a slideshow of the scavenger hunt photos, awards and prizes, a big raffle and a BBQ! There will also be drink specials, and Alan is whipping up some special Inferno themed shots for the night.
How can I sign up?
Enter your details and send your registration fee online at ulsaninferno.com/registration.html.
There will be a Registration Party at Benchwarmers on Saturday, June 2nd at 8pm.

Why do the inferno?
Well... why not? It's an amazing amount of fun, you will see some beautiful sights of Korea that you may not otherwise visit. After the ride we'll have a party including dinner, drinks and prizes.