Working visa without academic degree? Or other way to stay in korea?

Hello, my name is Paul.


I've been in Korea for two months already without visa (Polish people are not required to obtain one for max 90 days).

I still have one month left and am looking for way to stay here. I have a TEFL certificate but since English is not my native language i cannot legally teach it in Korea. I've found, however, a labor job, and together with my potential boss we're looking for a way to get a visa, but there are some problems. 

I can't obtain E5 visa (professional employment) since I don't have any academic degree. I also can't obtain E9 visa (non-professional employment) since it's limited to some 15 countries wherein mine is not included (Poland).


Does anyone know some other way I can get any kind of visa, which would allow me to legally earn money in Korea? Or maybe does someone know some other way I can stay here?