What do you guys think of Yeosu?

 Hey everyone! My name is Stefan and I'm a Canadian that's been offered a public teaching position in Yeosu - the site for the World Expo 2012. I was just wondering if anyone had been there and what you thought of it.

As well, my recruiter asked me a curious question: How will you know what to eat if you've never been to Korea before? (I told him I'd have to test out a few Korean restaurants before I come) but I'm wondering how do you expats know whether you'll like the food that you're ordering? Is it simply a trial and error thing?

 I was there only for a quick

 I was there only for a quick weekend to party for a friends birthday. So, I really wasn't exploring the city or anything but I didn't think it was too bad. They have a nice little community of foreigners who were super cool. Some nice beaches that are nearby and easy to get to. There are tons of islands off the coast that apparently have super awesome camping and good for exploring. It was nice for a small city. The only bad thing is its pretty far from the bigger cities. From Busan it was about 3-4 hours. 

Thats all I got!