University Biology Teaching??

I have an MS in biology and have taught entry level college biology classes in the US. I've been told by a couple people in Korea that I may be able to obtain a university position teaching biology here. To those of you that have been here for awhile or work at universities, do you think this is possible/probable, or do you have any advice on the subject?       Thanks for your help.

Re: University Biology Teaching??

First of all I can only tell you what I know, so don't take this as the definitive answer. Those working here teaching a subject other than English are visiting professors who have either applied for a visiting professor post or have been invited to teach. The 3 guys who I know doing this are all PhDs. So I don't know if a masters would suffice, but have been wrong on many things in the past!

With your MS you do have a better shot at getting a university position teaching English, but competition is tough and positions are scarce.