Selling American Textbooks

I've accumulated quite a few, over 20, American college level textbooks on varying topics. I know that I could mail them all the way back to the U.S., slighly expensive postal fees, and get some money for them, but I wanted to know if anyone knows of a more local or cost effecient way of selling off college level textbooks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Selling American Textbooks

Honestly, if you feel that you can ship them back to the US and get more money for them there, thats what you should do. In the rest of the world, textbooks are nowhere nearly as expensive as in the US. Most other places, especially here in asia, which use the exact same textbooks, use the "international versions" and not the "US version". You better check to see which ones you have as well, because international versions in the US are not worth much at all.

Also, you will want to make 100% sure that they are the most recent textbooks before you bother selling any of them. Many different publishers reissue a new book every year or two. This is so that they can maximize profits and also help prevent illegal sharing.

The value of a textbook is very small. Only the NEED of a textbook creates value. Beyond that, it is just a book. What I am getting at is that if  you bought the book new, you already lost the majority of its value. But good luck!