Sahara Kebab in Seoymeon


Just wanted to let people know there is a new Kebab stand in Seoymeon.

Fairly priced, really nice people and great of all they offer veggie falafels!! YAY!

Take exit 2 out of seoymeon, walk until you hit Olive Young, make a left. Take your first right. It's across from Buger King down the food alley on the left (next to the arcade and Family mart)

Re: Sahara Kebab in Seoymeon

Like all great businesses in Busan that do something slightly out of the ordinary (in this case, making Egyptian-style kebabs that aren't the bland "Turkish" variety all over town), Sahara Kebab has been replaced by a fried chicken stand. It was great while it lasted...

Re: Sahara Kebab in Seoymeon

So true. I went out of my way to get there last month for the falafel based on the OP's advice. Shuttered down at 1pm on a Friday. I figured something was up. Par for the course on "slightly out of the ordinary" places as markshelley mentions. Another chicken place..nice. Oh well, at least not another overpriced shit coffee shop.