My contract ends in the middle of the month, so my school is letting me choose whether to leave at the end of June or end of July, since they don't want a new teacher starting in the middle of the month.  If I chose to leave at the end of June, I will be 2 weeks shy of an entire year working here.  Will that affect my pension refund at all?  Is there any law saying a minimum amount of time that you have to work in order to get a refund?  I have been researching pension policies all night but can't find any information about this.

Any info would be appreciated!

it will not affect your

It will not affect your pension refund but it will affect your severance. You have to work an entire year to get that year end bonus. A word to the wise make sure you get a full year in before quitting, so go get an extension on your visa and work till the end of July.