Ipad shipping question



 I'm just wondering if anyone has experience shipping an expensive electronic item.  I'm looking to buy a Ipad from the apple store, have it shipped to my parents and then have them ship it to me.   I'm just worried that I might run into some customs issues.  I've tried looking on the internet to find the S.Korean customs rules but no luck.  Does anyone have any experience or other resources to check out?

(Has anyone bought an Ipad here?  I was just thinking that I would prefer a cheaper refurbished one from home since the price at the Apple store in Shinsaegae is a little pricey!)


Thank you ! Thank you!  Thank you!



How much is it in Shinsegye? Basic 16gb model is 640,000 at the online store.

With regard to haven't it shipped, you want your parents to make it look like a gift and vaguely describe it as something like 'electronic gift' and put the value lower than the real value. If questioned you could say it was bought second hand or something.

If you did get hit by customs it appears that if it is classed as a 'notebook computer' you would have to pay 10 % of value including shipping. Here is the link I found