How to acquire a Motorcycle licence in Korea


so I will be in Korea (Seoul) for the next 3 Months and found out that the Korean Motorcycle licence can be converted to a German one (I am from Germany) - and as I wanted to do get my Motorcycle licence in Germany anyways I though doing it in in Korea might be a fun and cheap alternative!
So to my question:
I am not quite clear of the procedure of getting a Motorcycle licence hear - as I understood it goes like this:
1. Traffic Safety Education
2. Health Check
3. Written Exam
4. Driving Course Test
= Motorcycle licence
is that correct or have I missed anything?
Also are there any other requirements?

Re: How to acquire a Motorcycle licence in Korea

As long as you have a valid driver's licence in another country, you can come to Korea and simply take the motorcycle test.  You can ride a 125cc bike in Korea with no special licence. You will also have to do an eye test. If you don't have a license for a car, you will have to do the written exam. The Korean heavy motorcycle test is a special license designed for bikes of 125cc's and up. It consists of four parts: a crank course (2x 90 degree turns), an S-curve, a slalom, and a straight line. The bike is a haggard-looking Hyosung Mirage. You have one chance at success and no practice time. There is a 20 second break between the four different parts of the course allowing the rider to move into position and prepare for the next challenge. You can only put your foot down once and crossing a sensor outside the yellow painted lines results in failure. Most people fail on the first turn of the crank course.