Girly, Vanity Hair Question


Um, can anyone recommend a hairdresser who wouldn't hack my hair to within an inch of existence? (Bad experiences)

Or alternatively, can you recommend or advise me of a hairdresser who has experience with fine western hair, I would also
(& this just might be crazy talk) like to know if there is anyway to buy like the home "L'oreal" type highlight kits you can
get back home. The stuff I've seen here is either the same color as my hair now (light brown) or industrial looking stuff
that scares me.....

I appreciate any advice.
Kevin Bacon
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hair, hair.

You know here/hair isn't actually a homophone in the rest of the English speaking world don't you?

The Hair - in Kyunsang. He has worked in London for a year or so, speaks excellent English. It is really hard to get exactly what you want here in Korea, hair wise, even with this guy who understands exactly what you mean, but he is the best i've come across so far - 010 4859 8770 / 622 3922
matt sid
Yep, whether your a guy or gal you're not going to find anything better. His name is Young Na and here are the directions from a post a long long time ago

Going towards Heaundea on the Green line its one stop past Kyoungsung Uni. ~ Namchondong, go out exit 3, go straight take your first left (there is a bakery on the corner) go to the end of that street (you'll see a 7-eleven at the end) turn right it will be on your right hand side you can't miss it, silver sign with THE HAIR and some thing in Korean...can't think of it right now and LONDON written underneath (less than a 5 minute walk).
matt sid
To try and get this post up to date, and cleaned up, can anyone confirm where these people are working these days etc. And post directions and contact information

Alex in Haeundae New Town
Eun-Ji Also in Haeundae. (I know she got married and opened up her own salon, but I don't know where)

These two and YoungNa in the above post are the most talked about in these forums. I know that both EunJi and YoungNa trained in London.

Other people mentioned are:

Jasmine at Felicia in Seomyeon
Jong Gyo Ho Hairleader in Kyung Sung has a woman there that speaks English.

Can anyone confirm these two?
Actually I think the barbers here are another one of the best things of Korea. I will have to say that I have been to one or two which I would not try again. I suppose what I like about it most is your hair is washed after cutting. Also mostly what I want is just for it to be short. They are also good at trimming around the ears, and eyebrows although I may have to show or tell them about this. Then they will trim my whiskers and this seems almost impossible to find in the USA. Now that I think about this, it seems even more strange because I have had this part done in barbershops not only in Korea but also Taiwan, Gibraltar, and Singapore.
Xeo Hair in Seomyeon is really good. They are located down the side road to the left of Lotte department store. Across from Lotte's parking entrance there is a family mart on the corner. Xeo hair is on the same side of the road as family mart on opposite corner on second floor. Costs w20,000 for wash, cut, blowdry and they straighten your hair. I have curly hair and they did a great job just like back home. Don't need to make appointment.
hey and two of my girlfriends have been frequenting Lee Kaja Hair Biz in PNU. We have had a couple of scary incidents, but the VAST majority of the time they are highly professional and do some really cool stuff. If you are going in to get your hair blonded in any way, make SURE you ask to speak to the guy who has a little english, and express that you want FOILS !! Not a helmet of peroxide which they will tone down from white blonde later with toner. 

If you ask for foils you will get a nice, professional job and they blow dry and style hair nicely.......

We have been really impressed with them on the whole, because its been hard to find people who can deal with our hair.

They are about two doors down from ABC Mart if you are heading in the direction of the subway station

Matt's right, you aint gonna find anything better, not at least in the Namcheon-Haeundae area. 

Young Na's cool, has an artiste's sense of what works for you and has the dexterity to follow through. Most of his clients are foreigners, so his command of English is pretty impressive; if he doesn't understand, he'll ask. As a bonus he has an excellent music collection (Young Na emphasized a hangover music theme^^). Might add to it next time, haha.

For direction clarifications, the 7-eleven is no longer there; but turn right at the end of that street and it's about 150 metres on your right, almost to the end of the street which hooks up to the main drag (going left will take you to Megamart, right to Namcheon subway).

Be careful if you go to The Hair. I had a HORRIBLE experience there. I have hair that is naturally dark blonde, and had been highlighted months before I went to him. I wanted him to dye my hair red, which I've done to my hair many times before (both myself, from a box, and professionally), with excellent results. He showed me a color that I thought was too dark, but he assured me that it would be much lighter than it appeared. I ended up with black hair with red roots. I went back to him to get him to fix it, but after dyeing my hair two more times, it still looked awful and I didn't want to damage my hair any more.

My hair is now various colours. I have red roots, it is darker on one side than on the other, and you can see my natural color coming through in patches. Although he attempted to fix it, he didn't give me back any of the 90,000 won that I paid. He also "trimmed" my hair, but spent all of 5 minutes trimming my hair (there were other customers waiting) and I still have a ton of split ends that he missed (I was pretty clear about wanting the split ends gone). I should also point out that my hair is longer on one side than the other. I personally wouldn't go back there if you paid me to. I looked much better going in than I did going out.

I have found a new place to get my hair coloured lighter / blonde colours and cut pretty well and wanted to share it.

Although, as with almost every Korean hairdresser I have been to, I have had one bad experience here too.

The place is called Felia, and it is in the Seomyeon underground. If you stand facing the underground entrance to Lotte Department store, facing the big fake fountain right infront of that entranace, with your back to Krispy Creme and the other fountain, and you look right you will see the T junction at the end and Felia is at the T junction, it has a blingy chandalier hanging inside.

Ask for Jasmine: 010 9950 1289, text her first to let her know you are coming.

Warning: SHE IS EXPENSIVE !!! Ask her for a quote before hand

Don't let her push you into treatments and stuff, she is pushy and sometimes moody.

The reason I recommend her is that she is very good with blonde colouring which is something I have found extremely hard to find here.

She can charge up to 200,000 won for colour and cut.....and she can be a bitch sometimes. so be careful to take a picture of exactly what you want, ask for a quote and don't let her talk you in to expensive treatments.

I agree about being careful with The Hair, I have had similar bad experiences there too.


In the older posts there was some mention about an "Alex" in Haeundae New Town who did highlights.

If anyone has any recent information about this stylist, I would appreciate it. Looking for someone new to do my blond highlights.....

Alex works at a salon called 머리하기좋은날.

You can get there on the 1003 bus (get off at Youngnam Apart - 영남아파트). If you come from KSU direction, you'll have to walk ahead in the direction the bus is going until you reach Family Mart. (From Gijang/Songjeong, walk back the way the bus came.) Alex's shop is just above the Family Mart on the 2nd floor (in front of Jwasan Elementary- 좌산초등학교- if you're using navigation/maps)

Phone: 051-703-2242

He's not available on Wednesdays.

Just to clarify...where exactly in Busan does he work, and how would I get there coming from the subway, from Jangsan?

Thanks so much!! And thank you for posting that, awesome.

Don't go to Alex, he fried my hair badly. The Hair in Namecheon is the only place I trust and believe me, I have a blonde addiction with fine hair so I should know.

A friend of mine also used to use the place in Seomyeon underground and had good things to say about it.

 I'm really interested in getting my hair cut at "THE HAIR". I've heard a lot of good reviews and a co-worker of mine went there. 

Does anyone know... about how much does a cut and color cost? Do you definitely have to make an appointment or is walk-in okay?

Also. I'm guessing that the phone number listed for Young Na is still correct? (010 4859 8770 / 622 3922)

Any info would be helpful! Thank you!

I've been there a bunch of times. Walk in is ok in the mornings I think, but not on Saturday and Sunday is closed.

He usually charges anywhere from 70,000 to 90,000 for cut and color (highlights), but am not sure about all over color. Ask him the price first!

I've been happy with my hair, but if you have curly hair he'll straighten it and then cut it dry. He has never cut wet hair in my case. He doesn't know how to style/cut curly hair, so don't expect much there.

Not sure about the number......

 I went to "The Hair" in Namcheon to get blonde highlights a while ago, and while they did not turn out horrible, I didn't love it..that being said, I'm still on the hunt for a stylist that can do blonde highlights well and Alex is the other name that keeps popping up. If anyone has been recently, please post your experiences and directions to his salon..Thanks!

Jasmine in Seomyeon is not good.  The post before was right, she is moody and doesnt listen well despite speaking excellent English.  She never cuts my hair wet and doesn't cut the ends properly or check length is even. I think she is lazy, first few times I went she did a great job but this last time was terrible.  And she is always pushy about treatments and color...she inists on you geting two or three colors which takes hours and costs about 90,000 per color.


I might try this giuy in namcheondong seeing as that is where i live now!!! is he good with fine hair?

I have pretty fine hair and the stylist in Namcheon at The Hair is okay, BUT I recently went to Soo Casa hair salon in Jangsan (right outside of Exit #1 inside and around the corner from the coffee shop) and she did an amazing job. I had blonde highlights done on my hair and it was so much better than I expected. I highly recommend her! 

God I wish I still had a head of hair instead of this slightly fuzzy cue ball.

I would like to hear more about anyone's experience at that new hair salon, SooCasa, in Jangsan. How much do a set of foils cost there for blond highlights and how many colors/ what kind of technique do they use?


Hi there,

I went to Soo Casa a couple of months ago, right when she first opened.  My hair was very dark and I wanted to go completely blonde with foil highlights.  My hair was relatively short at the time.  She charged me $100 for the highlights plus $20 for toner since my hair was turning orange from the previous color that had been on it.  I actually wasn't really happy with the results (just because there was not enough blonde in it) so I called her and she fixed it for free... and it looks great! I highly recommend Soo Casa.  Soo is a sweetheart, her English is great, and she really knows what she is doing.  Good experience and I would certainly go back!

I just got beautiful highlights from Young Na!  The salon is cool, the cafe under is chic and art-deco, and there's wifi while you get your hair done! 

Cut and full blonde highlights was 100,000.

I've attached my blog post about my experience there!

 I recently had dyed with a couple of layers in red to cherry chocolate looking like highlights on my short hair from 꽃보다남자 to l'Oreal, and then, went to LeeKaJa HairBis at Xi apartment marketplace in LG Metro City area.  A hair designer, named Tae Min, gave me a fine boyish haircut with root treatment as well as hair massage, which was the most wonderful experience I ever had in my whole life.  All of rotten stress had been cleansed away, once I had a nice scissor cut of his after that.  I truly recommend his hair touch much better than his English.  He eventually asked me to show him image cut of the hair style I wanted him to execute on mine.  I liked his personality. 

I recently went to SooCasa Hair Shop in Jangsan. If you are looking for awesome highlights, I highly recommend this place. I've lived in Busan for five years, and have been getting blond highlights here in Busan. I used to get my hair done at The Hair in Namcheon. The results were just ok. I would always see little clumps of color where the dye leaked out of the foils and the color of the roots was always a little orangey. Sometimes my hair would break off where the new color was overlapped onto the old color. As well, there were always two people doing the foils (one person on the side and one at the back), which would have been fine except that the second person was often not a skilled hairdresser. 

Soo at SooCasa takes her time, and does a thorough job. I was extremely happy with the color as well as the cut. She cut my hair wet, which is what I'm used to from back home. She also blow dried my hair with a round brush, so it was smooth and had lots of body. I don't know why but all the hairdressers in Korea want to dry your hair so it looks like you just came out of a wind-tunnel and then after they straighten it really straight. She also speaks English very well and used to work in Canada before she opened her Salon in Jangsan. 

Hope this helps all the blonds out there looking for a great colorist this spring/summer.