Flea markets in Busan?

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Flea markets in Busan?

Subject says it all...

I understand that the Korean culture is all about having new things, but surely there must be some interest in flea markets/discovering lost treasures, rare items, antiques, etc.

What say you?

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Re: Flea markets in Busan?

There are plenty of second hand clothes shops, furniture shops and electronic / appliance shops around town. If you were looking for something specific let me know and I will post the necessary information.

When it comes to antiques and curios that's kind of more difficult. True antiques are exhorbitantly priced here. However there are a few places that have some interestng stuff at fairly decent prices.

One of my favourites is a guy in the underground shopping mall between Jagalchi and Nampodong stations (or it might be between Nampodong and Joongang Dong, I haven't been there for at least two years, so he might not be there anymore). If he is, he has a great Alladin cave of stuff. Difficult to explain where he is exactly but the passageway splits in two at some point, in a circle and he's on the left hand side if you are walking towards Busan station way.

Other than that there are some online places. For example I stumbled across this place full of bric a brac the other day http://search.auction.co.kr/search/search.aspx?keyword=%b0%f1%b5%bf%c7%b...