English Speaking Dermatologist - NEEDED!!! Please Help!

Can anyone recommend a good English speaking dermatologist in Busan? I have had horrible facial skin issues (acne, flush skin, and now scarring) since I arrived in Korea. It has gotten particulary bad over the past couple of months spreading all over my chin and up to my cheeks. I have been to several general doctors and the most they have offered is to drink hot teas and don't get stressed. While I think that not being stressed is really good general life advice, I think I need something a little more concrete than that at this point, like some actual skin ointment, or cream or something. Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated!! Thank you!!


here is a guy I know, very good Dr. Choi, 051-553-1616, cell-011-9310-0991 His office is called Basquiat Clinic, located in Dong-nae, across from Lotte dept. Store Leave the suvbway, walk across the overpass but stay to right, not the store. At bottom, walk up street, not the Outback way but other. Its about 100 yds. on right side, has a sign, 2nd floor with glass. anyquestions, [email protected] Rick

If Dr.Choi doesn't work out

If Dr.Choi doesn't work out for some reason, you can also try Dr.Park -- Yeonsan-dong subway, exit 16. Right outside of the exit, the building on your right-hand side, 4th (or 5th?) floor, called Su Clinic (Su Pi Bu Gwa in Korean). He speaks English very well and is a great guy to boot! Good luck!

By the way, the Dr. Park you

By the way, the Dr. Park you speak of does not work at Su Clinic anymore.  The doctor there now (in 2021) speaks no English and is quite rude actually.