Buying English Laptop in Busan!

Hey im looking into buying a english laptop in busan?any ideas on cheap electronic shops?thanks!

What do you mean by an

What do you mean by an English laptop exactly? That the operating system should be English or the laptop itself was made in a country with English as it's first language? If it's the latter you will be pressed to find anywhere selling one. Saying that most Korean laptops are the same except they have Korean characters (and English) on the keyboard, which is always useful if you are living here. The only thing you want to checkQI.S07E14.WS.PDTV.XviD-ANGELiC.[VTV].avi is that the BIOS is English too. (Just after switching on a screen will pop up, usually with the manufacturers logo, and will say something about pressing a certain key (usually F1, F8, F12 or 'del') to enter the BIOS or system utilities).

The best place to go is somewhere like Gaya computer town. Take line 2 to either Dong Eui (exit 8)  or Gaeguem (exit 2) and go straight it will be on your right / left depending on station across from the Homeplus. Most of the guys there will be able to put a copy of English Windows on it for you if you ask (although it probably won't be a legal version, but the word 'legal' here is very loose it seems)

Failing all that you could keep an eye out on this site for a second hand one.