An amazing bite in Busan colored with cherry blossom

 What kind of words occur to you when you heard the word 'spring'? Probably you guys will think 'cherry blossom', 'flower viewing' ... ect. Also there is a song always makes an appearance again. That is, '벚꽃엔딩 (The end of cherry blossoms)'. As you can see, many people think cherry blossoms let us think about spring. That's why there are many festival about cherry blossoms. In Busan's Oncheoncheon, the famous citizen park, the festival is held on April. Aren't you excited when heard the word 'festival'?

 I went there three times to introduce this festival. This festival was held on April 1st to third. In this period, there are lots of events regardless of day and night. You can find that when ever you go there, people come to festival constantly. It means that it's proper for family's excursion and couple's date course. You can enjoy various things here, I want to have a time to introduce some of them.

 First of all, you can experience reminiscences that existed a lot in the past. '달고나(dalgina ; the snack that we can make by melting sugar in ladle and after some steps, pouring in plate and hacking it away with various molds.)', '뽑기(bbopgi ; yellow, that have many shapes)'  is representative. I have a memory that a woman selling this two snacks in front of school when I was in elementry school. In the case of dalgona, if you success in keeping the shape after piercing the line of the shape, they will give you one more chance to do it for free or give you one more dalgona. Bbopgi is the game that you randomly place four sticks which have many names of shapes on it on the board. On that board, numbers are written on it. Then you should do drawing lots, and they will give you that shape of candy which is on the number you pick. It may be difficult for you to gain '왕잉어(King carp)', the first prize. Me, also visited festival and did 'Bbopgi', I got chicken shaped one. It will be extremely amusing memory.

 Second, yu can experience lots of food. We can classify Oncheoncheon festivals's food in two. One is snack that sells in kiosk when you walk the park. In there, you can enjoy hotdog, Fish cake bar, Cotton candy, Coke&Chicken... etc. You can see people commomly grasp one in their hand because we can easily think of food when we think about festival. The other is the place like cart bar. You can have eating pajeon, meat, alcohol there, sitting on chair. Also there is an advantage that you can experience that eatery's food nearby because many of cart bars are prepared by real eateries.

 Third, you can do many activities. This activity booth doesn't run at night, but of you visit in daytime, you can do a lot such as a folk game, bread making, socks craft. It has an merit that you can do activity to your preference. This is because various activity booths stand in a row. So I recommend you to come in daytime and do it!

 Lastly, you can meet Oncheoncheon decorated beautifully. You can see cherry blossoms in full bloom and it is another charm to appreciate colourful lights starting in the afternoon. Especially. if you visit at night, you can find lights and structures glittering in various colors.

 Like this, you can face lots of enjoyments in here. Why don't you visit Oncheoncheon cherry blossom festival with preious people getting away from busy life for a while? The amazing bite will wait you here!