Teaching English in the ROK pays about the same as minimum wage in most provinces in Canada

I haven't taught English in South Korea in over two decades. However, my nephew went there recently to teach English. He told me what his salary is which I thought was quite low and perhaps just a cheap hakwon owner. However, a cursory search indicated wages for ESL haven't really moved much since I taught English in Korea.


In fact, with most provinces minimum wage around $15/hour or over $2400/month, working full time at a 7-11 in Kamloops pays more than teaching English at a hakwon in Daegu. Even with an MA working at a university, the compensation is similar to working at a Home Depot. 


Is it really worth it to give up your prime earning years for subsistence level earnings? Forget the thrill of living in a foreign culture. I'm talking strictly about the rumuneration. Living abroad is a great experience, but don't you wish you were paid more?


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It's about CURRENT wages for teaching English in Korea. 

I've had an account for nearly two years.