Std screening Busan/Changwon


I want to get an STD screening but I'm finding it difficult locating somewhere in the Busan region that definitely does one.

Has anybody any information on a reliable, confidential place I can go with English speaking doctors?

Also a guide to how much it is likely to cost would be good. (I have health insurance with the school I work for).

Thanks a million

Re: Std screening Busan/Changwon

Any hospital will do it and most have English speaking staff.

There's also a small urology clinic in front of Texas street (across from Busan Station) a couple of doors down from the Baskin Robbins and I've heard the doctor there is okay and speaks English well.

Re: Std screening Busan/Changwon


I realize you may be quite worried about your situation... whatever that may be, this topic has been covered several times though.

In addition, the hospitals here are very well equipped for the most part. Secondly it would be very easy to go get a test from a regular doctor and ask for a full blood workup with STD check. It is quite common...


Good luck~

Re: Std screening Busan/Changwon

Agreed a regular doctor can do it. A friend of mine got himself in a pickle many years ago and his local doctor sorted him out just fine.

Hope he's not reading this!