New low in F2 offers

What a crap offer:

So 25K per hour for an F2!  What's next, I pay to work for you?  Yes sir, master!

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I emailed them:

I am an F2 living in Gimhae, but you'd only get a crazy person to work for 25,000/hour.   Gimhae hogwons pays me 35,000 for 40 minute classes. You should see a doctor.

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Shigol - I think that 25k would have been OK 15 years ago, in the twilight zone. .Is it going to be an English free zone? Are you indicting that English isn't flavour of the month there?I've read on the " CLOUD ",they don't really like teachers that much (lol). Seen any dinosaurs about?Yet, they wanna pay it with no benefits,severance flights, etc, quite sad.They've probably been told that F stands for Fools almost Free.

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It just means that if they pay so low, they don't expect much. Seriously, if they are serious about paying below the average rate, they must not expect much, or they must assume that their classes are not worth much to their clients.

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I was recently told by a friend of mine that there is an F2 visa teacher working PT at his school for 20/hr. They just ruin it for the rest of us.

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I beg your pardon, for the rest of who????Like you have more rights here than someone who's got a family.F2s are spending more on taxes, in the local economy,etc, etc.Meanwhile E visas seem to either just take out, give nothing back , save every penny, or squander it down the pub.Ruin it for the rest of us!! Ask your putties doing privates illegally for 20 bucks an hour, who is ruining it for all. Competition is competition, and you guys started undercutting f visas, after your school jobs. Give me a break.

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Furthermore, what exactly do the rest of you provide? What do you provide in terms of life experiences, relevant qualifications, qualities or skill, on the job related experience. Sorry, you're all geniuses with I.Q.s above 140. Sorry, I forgot.I mean ,the newbie, naive kind of person, early 20's, who knows very little about anything.Do you actually think you're teachers, OMG.

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Angel he said F2, not E2

And what do you provide, other then by being married to a Korean.. Because by the way you talk and put your sentences together.. Me thinks nothing.. 

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Exactly. An F2 just means you're married to a Korean person, not that you're a teacher. To get an E2 you need a degree. To get an F2 you need a to get a Korean person to say "I do". That doesn't mean that someone who just finished their BA in biology is a teacher either. If you're qualified and have an F2 (not that many people actually) you'll likely turn down 20-25/hour. However, an unqualified F2 might take it because they're not worth anything more. You get what you pay for. If the person who accepted 20/hour is a qualified F2 than they should have their head examined and probably be locked up.

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So ignorant of the laws here. do some research plzz. To work in a school or Hakwon you need a degree. Therefore, unless the school or Hakwon are idiots, they must employ degree holders. Even F4s need to have degrees. It amazes me, that you actually believe, you are so smart and Koreans are so  naive.If you think being married to a Korean lass, or lad, is a cakewalk, then wake up.

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With an F2 teacher you get 2 major things... 1. A legal teacher who can do PT work without the school worrying about getting busted. 2. A lot of experience. Do you think F2 teachers just get off the plane and marry a Korean? We've been around for many years which means a lot of classroom experience. These 2 things add up to a higher hourly wage. E2's take what they can get.. F2's don't need to play that game.

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I know that F2s can teach legally and E2s can't. Thanks for stating the obvious. Everyone here knows that.

People can get married overseas and come to Korea. People can come here and work for a couple of years (not exactly a lot of experience) and get married.

A lot of experience doesn't mean you're a good teacher. And anyway why can't an E2 have a lot of experience: I had an E2 and 12 years experience. It depends on the type of experience and whether or not you had any teacher training before hand. A BA in biology with an F2 who's been fumbling around in a classroom doing god knows what for the last 10 years is hardly inspiring. I know some psycho F2s who've been here for a while, have a minimum of qualifications and have nothing to go home to. I wouldn't trust them to take my order let alone teach a class.

If F2s don't need to play that game why are they accepting 20-25,000 an hour? Doesn't sound like they're playing very well.

The problem I have is that F2 is thrown around as if it's some kind of qualifiaction. The only thing F2s have is not having to worry about immigration. Anything else about experience is crap.

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"I know that F2s can teach legally and E2s can't. Thanks for stating the obvious. Everyone here knows that." Do you? It would seem by your argument that you didn't because that right there is already a major bargaining chip. You also seem inclined to think that 1 year of teachers college would somehow make you a good teacher.I have many friends who are teachers back home and teachers college only gives you the basics. Like in most businesses, experience trumps qualification every time. I'd hire an employee without the paper and 10 years experience before someone with the paper and straight off the boat any day of the week.

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That's the point isn't it. You have an F2 and can teach without any problems with immigration. That is what an F2 means and again it isn't connected to any skills or qualifications as a teacher. An F2 just means legal.

If it is such a strong bargaining chip then why are F2s accepting 20/25,000 an hour for part time work? It is a bargaining chip, but many E2s do illegal work and institutes are also willing to hire them.

The number of years of experience can be important, but as far as I'm concerned the type of experience is equally if not more important. Experience before a teaching qualification and experience after isn't the same. A teaching qualification doesn't make you a good teacher, but it gives you some background and something to work with. Your experience has some foundation, if you don't have any teacher training your experience is based on nothing. Basics is better than nothing. Back home, in the real world, if you don't have a basic qualification you won't even be considered no matter how many years experience you have. I'm sorry but in education experience doesn't always trump qualifications.

If you're poor at business your business fails. So, 10 years might be good. But then again perhaps you've had 10 years of failed businesses. I wouldn't won't to do business with someone in the latter case. 10 years in Korea could just reflect that you've worked for someone who doesn't care whether or not you do a good job, but just that you're a white face in a classroom. There are plenty of people who have their contracts renewed simply because their employer doesn't care what they do as long as they are a body in the classroom. On the other hand you might be doing a good job, but your uni has a 3 year policy.

If I were hiring someone to work at my school in Korea I would take someone with teaching qualifications and 1 year of experience back home over someone without qualifications and 10 years experience in Korea. Basically because I can't trust that their experience is any good. It's not the number but the quality.

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"That's the point isn't it. You have an F2 and can teach without any problems with immigration. That is what an F2 means and again it isn't connected to any skills or qualifications as a teacher. An F2 just means legal."

Well you need an F2-1 to work. It is illegal to work with a plain F2 spouse visa. So when you apply for the F2-1, you'll need a job contract in hand. If it's anywhere near a school, you'll need your degree as well. At least that's what I've heard. I don't know if anyone actually enforces the rules. 

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You can't teach here without a degree- F2 has nothing to do with it- let's be honest, who would have that visa? Teachers and some east Asia women for example.It's likely that they'll be teachers here, so your argument holds no soju.Who has the F21 ? It's not like they are easy to get.Some dreamers I know, think they'll get it, just like that.

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All an F visa does is allow you to gain employment in korea without having to submit documents pertaining to employment to immigration. That's it. It isn't a winning lottery ticket.

Universities, colleges(private or national), high school to elem. school(the same) and even kindy and pre-school(noli-bangs) still have to comply with the ministry of education's requirements for employment and many schools even have their own rules, proceedures and qualifications for employment.  

You can not work at a university or college or gov't school in korea without a degree, it is not possible unless you are doing some after school program with a contracted company that doesn't ask or tell.

A hogwan? sure, who is going to check? They lie about everything else why not the educational background of their teachers. I remember just a couple years ago there was a big bust in inchon of so called 'SNU' graduates. These were korean busted though. I hope some whitey isn't dumb enough to say he went to Harvard and is working at a hogwan without a degree and on an F-isa. We don't need another witch-hunt on our hands.


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Well you'll be gone soon, so we won't have to worry about these E2 vs F2 visa arguments.Make it while you can, cos when you get back home, you'll be back at Mac Ds.We'll see whose worried about your expertise in Grammar . Because!!!!! Because by the way you talk and put your sentences together.. Me thinks nothing.. My point made so clearly about the Einsteinian, and ignorance E2s paradox.

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You get what you pay for. 

 I don't mind that some people take the jobs for 25k/hr.  That's not a rate that I would take, but if you are a good teacher that does a great job, these rates shouldn't bother you.  

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Never mind the e2/f2 debate as what really sucks about this is CDI's all over pay 30 or more for people with e2 visas. I know many who work at cdi jangsan, gwangan...and no one makes 25 if they are on hourly. They are all over 30 per hour.  Some are taking in 4/5mil a month so I am not sure how any CDI could be offering 25 for someone with any kind of visa but especailly for one with a F2 visa. Strange.

Do schools think we do not talk or do they know there are losers out there who will take 25 per hour? Shit, I had a job offered to me by some school near PNU this past winter break and when I got there he tried to low ball me-from 33 per hour to 30 so I told him to go fuck himself. Later I found out the new teacher took 30. If he had said no would he have gotten 33 per class or what. We will never know but I will always happily give my job away to any person who thinks low balling fellow expats is good biz. There will always be other jobs and while you are making 30, il be making 35. Such is life! Anyone who takes this job for 25, well, you are only hurting yourself and if you can't see that you deserve to make 25.

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I got a call the other day offering me $20 an hour!!!!!!!!!!

I am tired of Hagwons screwing their staff.  Independent Contractor status for employees, no pension, health and 3.3% tax, which they "forget" to pay to the tax office.

If you do kindergarten for less than 50k an hour you are a moron.

If you work part time in a hagwon for less than 35k an hour you are a moron.

If you teach business for less than 50k an hour + travel you are a moron.

If you do a full time job for a package of less than 3.2 million a month including insurance, pension, housing, airfare , and severance you are a moron.

I saw a job the other day where the school wanted a Christian teacher with 40 minutes a day of prayer but AIG health insurance no pension, and they call themselves Christian??????

Another job in an after school program was offering 30k an hour, in Seoul after school pays 2.8 million for 20 hours a week or 60k an hour for part time of 1-2 hours a day.

If there was a cash reward, I would start turning these places into the tax office and stop teaching.  Hey parents you pay taxes and work hard to pay our fees, and then we cheat the tax office with your money, and your student's teachers, Korean and Foreign, but please pay us next month.

I think that E2's and qualified F2's are worth the same money, however if you're an E2 doing illegal work for the same money you are a moron.  You stop everyone earning more.

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I wish people would step up and attach their names to their opinions.  And I mean all strings-not just this one.  It is hard to have a discussion when the person on the other side could just be arguing for the sake or arguing because they have nothing better to do. So why do it then? And I am not pointing fingers at anyone specific for the record; this is just a point in reasoning and logic. It makes no sense to try and justify any opinion when you could very well just be talking to some 15 year old with nothing better to do.  Later girls-or are you guys? I am off to my job at Mac d's. Blah blah blah...

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The real reason for this lowball offer is CDI is currently losing a case at the Labor Board over calling employees independent contractors and not paying severance, pension, or health insurance.

The rate is CDI recognizing they will have to pay these extras.

25000 base + 1125 pension +710 health insurance+2085 severance =28290 won per hour.

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Berkeley Language Academy in Jung-dong pays their F teacher 25,000 per hour. 

He teaches two adult classes per day from 6-8pm for 20 sessions per month for 1,000,000.  That comes out to 25,000 per class. 

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my name is elmo buzz.  named after my great grandfather.  all of this whining about pay for f2 teachers makes you sound like a bunch of cry babies.  who cares what money someone else gets paid?  as long as youget paid for the job you are doing.  if the job money is not right for you-do not take the job.  wahwahwah.  no one is a moron for working for below a certain price point.  as far a being illegal, who cares?  save your opinion on illegal activity for taxi drivers.  i am sure they would love to know what you think of their driving.  wahwahwah

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the only true advantage a f2 visda holder is the visa itself. whether you have been teaching 10 years or 1, it does not necessarily mean you are good or bad teacher but the f2 does save the school a lot of money in that you dont have to send a teacher to get a visa, pay airfare, pension, housing and so on (assuming a part time job); and of course they do not need to worry about immigration. And i mention all of the extras that e2 peeps get here because many schools look for teachers with f2 visas to cover many classes, some everyday as you may have noticed, so they save on everything else and that is crap.

 there is one on  now-2.5mil for 35 hours a week. give me a break. the pay looks okay but no housing or anything. what a joke! but they want a f2 visa. i wonder why?  the reality is, schools look for stupid people with f2 visas to help them save a bundle. if you have one and work for 25 an hour or 2.5mil a month, wow, you are screwing yourself.

So like it or not, f2 visa holders should be ASKING for more money because of that. schools save a bundle off of us so we should, if you have any kind of business mind, reap some of that reward. we do not deserve anything-no one does, but we people should be asking for more. if the school does not accept walk away and let them get some illegal teacher. their choice so let them walk that line. before you had your f2 you didnt care if schools hired illegals so why now?


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"who cares what money someone else gets paid?" Obviously you don't know very much about how things work here. Schools are not secluded islands. Owners know each other and talk to each other often. Most actually have scheduled meetings. Who cares what someone else gets paid? I do because when they accept that low offer the word goes out and instantly you see other schools trying to do the same thing.

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i do understand how things work here.  obviously, the understanding of 'whining' must be the issue. go to the meetings of all these school owners and talk to them.  they are the real ones setting the pay.  for the record, where do these hundreds of hagwon owners, from hadan to busanjin to lg metro city to jangsan meet, either regularly or irregularly?  perhaps all the people concerned with pay can take the issue directly to them, instead of the few hundred people reading this.  i'll go to the meeting, too, if nothing else just to see how much soju they drink

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F2s don't deserve more because of their visa status. I've interviewed a few, and while I can't make generalisations, some are just coasting morons riding an easy-visa gravy train. This is in no way meant to say there aren't other professional, qualified F2 holders. But rather, just because you knocked up a Korean chick in her 30s doesn't mean you're an anyway more worthy teacher.

Also, if you're an E2 visa holder it is incredibly easy to get part time work legally. You just need permission from your primary visa sponsor, and your can add up to two 2 extra work places to your alienID/visa as long as your extra work hours don't exceed those of your primary sponsor. Just submit it to immigration before your start date and there will be no issues.

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"...just because you knocked up a Korean chick in her 30s doesn't mean you're an anyway more worthy teacher."


Pretty vulgar.  Congrats on crossing the line.


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TC is right. If I had to choose between an E2 and and an equally qualified and experienced F2, I'd probably choose an F2 so Idon't have to deal with immigration. However, I think many institutes choose an F2 over a more qualified E2 because they don't want to deal with immigration. The other problem is that you need permission from your primary employer, which is often not forthcoming.

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TC, where do you work that you would be hiring or interviewing F visa people? you work at a hogwan right? and you have an e visa correct? 

I certainly didn't knock up a thrity something korean woman and was forced to shotgun wedding. Probably the furthest point from it.  We don't even have kids. 

I never knew being married for 13years, stable and farely well to do was a bad thing.  

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ticklechicken-the line was crossed when you helped a hagwon try to find a teacher for crap money? am i understanding this correctly? anyone who tries to help a hagwon at the expense of a fellow teacher-well, seems odd to me. you 'helping' the school hurts all of us.

and there are no good and honest schools here. good and honest schools dont try to get any part time teacher for 20 or 25 an hour. im not sure what you posted before but for the love of god, let's get wages up. koreans do not need any help in the lowering of wages-especially from foreigners.

and if i misunderstood what you were saying tickle my bad. but if not, honestly, i can't blame others for getting pissed about stuff like that. some people actualy make their living off of teaching. it may be hard to believe but not all bank everything and go home. i must know at least 10-15 people with f2's and every story is the same. they plan on coming for a bit, meet and fall in love with a great women and even with Korea and then decided to stay. i dont know anyone who knocked up a 30 year old. maybe 20 but...

and just think, if you were back home and told the government, "hey, lets lower minimum wages" or if you are at a factory and you tell the boss he is over paying people, do you think those people would be happy? no different here. everytime someone posts jobs for schools that are at the expense of the community, well, i think it is good that the community gets together to say wtf are you doing bud? she better be giving to you what you are doing to everyone-a good screw!

anyway, you come on here and hurt the livelyhood of some and you think whatever, i am helping out a good hagwon; but then still say someone crossed the line because someone said something to you about that? wow! this is no different than someone letting in a car who has pulled up beside you in the wrong lane just so they do not have to wait like everyone else while in traffic; it helps the one but hurts everyone behind you. not cool! you are waiting biatch! sorry, i digress. good luck all!

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In fairness to the Hakwon, they probably are trying to make an offer they deem reasonable, based on the hours on offer.If the original offer was more like 30-35,000 per "50 minute" class hour, it would be a little fairer. I would ask for a compromise over flight, ins , holidays, severance relative to the amount of hours worked.Most of them are reasonable.It's up to the individual negotiator to get what they want and also to give value for money.I always got what I wanted.No complaints from me.

The passage below smacks of a recruit lingo. Who are you to recruit, decide conditions, or interview anybody?What qualifies you?Recruiting in Korea without appropriate paperwork is illegal- report the tickle-chicken if he's doing so, matter over.Let's see, if he is as "cocky" then.If you don't care about us and our opinions, don't ask us to apply for your jobs. Jobs, you have no right to be recruiting for.Stick to your day job and your opinions about Korean ladies.

F2s don't deserve more because of their visa status. I've interviewed a few, and while I can't make generalisations, some are just coasting morons riding an easy-visa gravy train. This is in no way meant to say there aren't other professional, qualified F2 holders. But rather, just because you knocked up a Korean chick in her 30s doesn't mean you're an anyway more worthy teacher.

Also, if you're an E2 visa holder it is incredibly easy to get part time work legally. You just need permission from your primary visa sponsor, and your can add up to two 2 extra work places to your alienID/visa as long as your extra work hours don't exceed those of your primary sponsor. Just submit it to immigration before your start date and there will be no issues.

It isn't incredibly easy to get a job. you need to get permission (hard to get), then register it with immigration (was 15,000), and they don't always allow you. 

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And let us not forget that a lot of F2's are bitter lifers who have lost any spark, imagination, or enthusiasm as far as teaching goes.  Talk about phoning it in.

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Some one you guys are ripe pricks. GTFO if you don't like the pay!

All the F2's should start charging 10K/h until these select E2's with degrees in art history and a special feeling of entitlement  go back home.

Ever consider that they charge less because they can, and they are just trying to make a steady living? Maybe they have families to support and don't give a crap about YOUR bottom line

...Am I wrong to think that many E2's want to fly through here, scoop up as much rich ajumma cash as they can and run off to Thailand. Not really noble.

Re: New low in F2 offers


         some of us aint bitter. I'm supping a Jack D(blue label) and coke, possibly like yourself. Some F visas are just sitting back on the cash they've made , enjoying the nice ride and view from their apartments. Make no mistake, some F visas earn their money?Most F2s aint lifers, some stay, go away for a bit, travel or study. Why would you think we were bitter? I'm sweet as a nut. I've got a Doctorate in the subject of Living brother.Korean living is good, why have you been here so long C?I'm as bitter as you are sweet.Why do people think the F2 is  a lazy, untalented, loser, who can only get 30 years olds??Korean woman at 30, best you can find.Peaking baby, peaking. All the haters, cry into your pints.F for fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!(lol)


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I know an F2 Visa Gyopo from Canada that works at <name removed> Academy in <location removed> for 25,000 an hour.  So stop attacking me.  I'm not responsible for your wages.  

Mod Note: Still can't name names here (of people or businesses)

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actually, 25K by 120 hours is 3 million won.  that's not that bad.  i have an f2 and i've worked for 20K...granted that was 4 years ago.

Re: New low in F2 offers

one last time. break down the pay.

monthly-2 200 000

rent 350 000

airfare per month averaged-200 000

pension 90 000

bonus average 180 000

3 020 000 and divide that by 120 hours and it is just over 25 000 per hour 

so full time e2 workers who work 120 hours a month make this. now, schools do not want to pay this so they cut hours and so on and look for part time workers. surely, if someone gets paid this for ft, pt should be paid more. and if a school can get a f visa worker in with no headache surely it is more than 25. anyone working privates-regardless of visa status, for 25 an hour is ripping themselves off. and with the f visa, no immigration worries and no hassle. that is worth something. and why people want to argue against this is weird to me. we are all here to make money, no? we all want you to make more. this is just pointing out you could be. that is wrong?

Re: New low in F2 offers

The Biz teacher is right about the rates for F's. Yep ,I agree with Paul above. E-2 income adds up to about 2.9-3.0 with all benefits and F's invariably have to travel all over the city or outside vs being 5 10 mins away at worst.While most E-2s are locked into a 5-day week , the very few who are lucky to have freedom to work elsewhere should note the rates.Case in point being the after-school ad on here again and again at 30k ,well they were 35-40k not so long ago and still are if you push for your hourly minimum rate.

The agencies have been keeping down f/t pay for years with the influx of westerners while academy fees have risen a lot in that time.

Base salary accounting for inflation should be 2.6-2.8 million  EXCLUDING benefits to make it on par with spending power 10 years back.And to boot, the hoops you have to jump through now get worse and worse to get your E-2 passport stamp .They have their cabal of price fixing in place ,you can be sure of that.

But things will invariably get worse for hourly wages here with the supply going up year-on-year of westerners.

F-2ers should be busy with their income from other sources with the freedom to set up a business etc. they have.

Re: New low in F2 offers

Great post 'Our Great Teacher'.  You nailed everything. I think we can move on.



Re: New low in F2 offers

oh tharp. how long have you been here?

no one is saying people with f visas are better teachers but they should get paid more because how easy it is for the school to hire them and the security it brings. people on here talking about being good teachers and stuff-you kidding me. schools primarily want good looking folk regardless of degree and so on why-because schools are businesses that are trying to make money and the image is worth more than teaching abilities. sad but people who take their jobs way to seriously need to get their heads checked. you are in korea-only a small percentage of schools cares about your teaching ability. saying you are a good teacher is a losing battle. put a good looking guy and a good teacher in an interview for a job and 9 out of 10 times the good looking person gets the job. put a e2 who is a better teacher vs f2 with some experience in the same situation and the f2 wins. just the way it is.  who cares!

Re: New low in F2 offers

@Paul:  I've been here six and half years and have an E-1, which is like an E-2 only I didn't have to be checked for criminal history or AIDSiness.  I will say that you are right, though.  This whole gig is about image, not teaching ablitity.  I love all these cats who roll over here thinking they're gonna "make a difference" and try to play Mr. Hardass in the classroom.  They're always the first shown the door.  Keep 'em entertained, kids.  Shuckin' and jivin' is the name of the game.


@Dr. Nugu:  Noble?  Since when was being an ESL cultural colonizer "noble?"  Hahahahaha.  I for one enjoy that Thailand cash.

Re: New low in F2 offers

Hogwons basically earn 10K per student per hour; so it's not like these hogwons don't have the money.  I didn't post the offer thinking E2 vs. F2, I'm posting a bad offer.  It is a bad offer for E2s and F2s.

Although F2s don't have immi hassle, E2s can usually get the same $/hour, and they're stupid not to.  Actually E2s thinking they have to undercut F2s or are worth less to hogwons are wrong.  Hogwons want a white face.  If E2s start asking for 40 per hour they'll get it too.

Please everybody don't take these low paying jobs.  I wish E2s would charge 40K.

Now, the reason F2s get bitter about it is because these jobs don't provide benefits, apartment, or flight money.  So the hogwons are really saving money even paying a higher price for an F2 per hour vs. employing a full time E2 teacher legally.  It is a different market, so the hogwons should recognize it.

If it were my primary employer asking me to teach O.T. (like a public school) 25K might be okay.  They are providing all the extras due to a FT employment status.  In the case of this offer they aren't.

Re: New low in F2 offers

Now is this really a debate between E2s and F2s? it seems to me it's more an issue of people new to Korea and people who have been around a while regardless of Visa status.

Re: New low in F2 offers


Nah, bro. The line was crossed when I helped a good honest hagwon to advertise for a part time teacher, and I got spammed with abusive hate mail by some F2s who thought they deserve far more money than everyone else because the sun shines out of their pasty old arses.

Again, I'm not by any means slagging off all F2s, but rather merely drawing attention to the fact that insolent dipshittery knows no limit of visa category.

Re: New low in F2 offers

Thanks bro. I'm pretty sure that person was kicked off of this website as well for such actions.  So I don't think it benefits anyone to sink to such supposed depths that you find so deplorable.

I think most schools want to work with F visa holders because it's less of a headache when it comes to immigration.  But by doing this, schools are getting around having to pay severance, airfare, etc. So I think an F visa holder is in their right to ask for more than 20,000 won an hour.