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Hello, my name is Keunyoung.

I am looking for a volunteering position at English cafe or language exchange cafe or bar. I have experience to manage the language exchange party for 1 year as a staff, and I have been teaching English for the beginners since last June.

I don't need to get any salary, just looking for the opportunity to expose my self to English speaking environment.

I am currently working, so I am looking for the position at the time between 7pm to 11pm.

- Certificate of English education (hosted by Culture Complex Institute)
- Internship Certificate at FriendsInKorea.com
- English level: Advanced
- Available date & time: Every weekdays / 7pm~12pm

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keun_vvv/

Feel free to DM or E-mail me. Thank you for reading.
Happy new year:)