Away from the Tourists

Lugging my gear out of the park and off into the serenity of the surrounding hills of Boseong, South Korea was the perfect decision. Much as the tourist-friendly section of Daehan Dawon Green Tea Plantation is beautiful in its own right, eschewing the well trodden track meant I could watch the light fade out uninterrupted.

Simply Safety: Nebosh courses in Singapore and in Korea

Looking for nebosh courses in Singapore and in Korea? We are a training centre that conducts courses accredited by NEBOSH as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs.

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job in korea for one year

Bonjour !

i'm Maité  a belgian girl and i would like to know what kind of job i can  find without degree for 1 year because my boyfriend is korean and will go army next year so i would like to finish my last school year and live one year  in korea then come back to belgium to begin my university studies

Rabbit needs home

I have a pet rabbit that needs a loving home. I bought the rabbit at home plus, and [s]he has lived with me since. It's a typical rabbit with the typical rabbit ways, and needs someone who understands and respects that. The rabbit has not been spayed or nuetered. If this is a requirement, then I will take the rabbit to the vet and see what I can do. It's name is Bunnard von Sniffenberg. I have not had its sex confirmed by a vet because I love Bunnard no matter what the sex or gender display. Anyway, if that is neccessary to know, then I will take Bunnard to a vet. 



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