Building a Better Koreabridge, part 1

Koreabridge Webcast
Building a Better Koreabridge

April 13, 2009

Jeff Lebow, Chris Tharp, Abdul Hakim, James Turnbull, and Johnny Ioannidis discuss plans for 

Pre-show agenda here

Approximate Bookmarking 

0:00  - Welcome / Webcast Plan

03:00 - Overview of how publishers can put their content on KB

10:00 - The difference (or lack thereof) between Pusanweb and Koreabridge

13:00 - How Koreabridge fits into the Worldbridges vision

14:15 - The Business Model

17:00 - Current Management Structure

18:00 -  Moderation/Where to draw the lines

24:45 - Multiple Login headaches

26:00 Extended Moderation Discussion

54:00 Ratings & Reviews for business

56:00 The option of  disallowing comments

61:00 - feedback by tagging

63:50 Other sites - collaboratation and peaceful coexistence

64:40 - Advertising -  possibilities for interaction and  feedback

67:00 - Job Advertising

70:00 Twitter distaste

72:00 Wrap-up


Podcast Feedback

I considered joining the podcast, but I wasn't certain what Jeff Lebow had planned for KB and PW. It's been 12 years, and I have loving memories of PW. I still go to the movies section to access the link for Lotte or CGV if I want to check out what's playing. I used to receommend the site for students, but not recently. I just hope this is a serious push to reclaim what was a great resource.

I want to seond the motion for max expression, zero censorship. The management can publish its editorial standards - and should - but I don't want to restrict access or expression. it's an example of cultural pride that Westerners would include anyone in a debate, regardless of national origin or level of critical thinking ability.

Aside from open debates, I think KB should outsource blacklists and other commercial activities, to avoid legal isses. Also, it promotes relationships with Korean entities safely. It's laudable to bring Koreans in, but there's just so many ways the relationships could be misconstrued.

I like the KB tag idea for bloggers.

As a morning person, could I put a vote in for an early chat? How about a Sunday?

Thanks all for the chat! I'm getting that old PW community feeling!

Thanks, Jeff! It seems most

Thanks, Jeff!

It seems most of the Korea-related podcasts and other programming is Seoul-based. Is there a southern, Busan-oriented product only Busan-based expats can bring?