KBC Interview - Hank Ahn - Korea Is a Great Destination for Foreign Direct Investment


Produced by 
Steven S. Bammel, and hosted by Tom Tucker.

October 9, 2011The Korea Business Interview Series

Commissioner Hank Ahn
"Korea Is a Great Destination for Foreign Direct Investment"

Hank Ahn is Commissioner of Invest KOREA.

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For too long, the advantages of Korea as a foreign direct investment destination have been overlooked while overseas companies have poured money into economies of Japan and China. However, with Korea’s rise to economic strength, the US Commerce Department reports that American companies’ investments in Korea have been more lucrative than anywhere else over the past decade.

It’s time for a new perspective on foreign direct investment to Korea and it is the role of Invest KOREA to help foreign investors find and execute their business plans in Korea successfully. In this interview, Invest KOREA Commissioner Hank Ahn shares with KBC listeners about the many advantages of doing business in Korea, as well as the amazing and free services provided by Invest KOREA.

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