Sequence/Section: Taekwondo Park

Sequence/Section: Taekwondo Park

Filmed on Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Korea Society welcomes Michael Manfredi and Marion Weiss to discuss their winning master plan and concept design for Taekwondo Park, in Muju, Korea. Korea's rapid urban development has brought with it a renewed interest in the design of public spaces and cultural institutions, an emphasis on sustainability, and an awareness of the importance of preserving open spaces. At this vital intersection, Korea has demonstrated innovation and its rich cultural history through the built environment.

Taekwondo Park, a dynamic gateway to the physical and philosophical world of Taekwondo, establishes an athletic and cultural destination for the sport’s 70 million practitioners from around the world. The new athletic and cultural destination will be located on a 600-acre site, in an area noted for its hilly terrain and nationally protected forests. Weiss/Manfredi based their design for Taekwondo Park around three distinct precincts that represent body, mind, and spirit. Bridges and pathways link a sequence of programs ranging from the spectacle of the arena to the serenity of a healing-center retreat. Throughout the park, the distinction between building and site is blurred—architectural elements and buildings are imagined as an inhabitable topography. One continuous park, weaving architecture, landscape, and infrastructure, embodies the spirit of Tae Kwon Do and reflects the drama intrinsic to the site.

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Cast: The Korea Society