Korean Subtitles FAIL

On the subways in Korea, sometimes people try to sell you stuff, like stain removers or bag-sealers. So we caught it on video. This guy's selling a set of ankle braces. We tried to put subtitles for what he's saying, but our Korean isn't the best, so we have to imagine what he's really saying. Shot with a Canon 550d and 50mm lens for the beginning and end, and a Sanyo Xacti HD for the middle.
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funny stuff

just wanted to throw a positive comment your way.  should you be into requests, it would be awesome if you could catch a dog defecating on the subway, too.  you could do multicolored captions and everything.  if you see no dog action, i know several people who are into toothbrushes.  anyway, funny stuff and keep it coming