Contemplative Traditions Music Series: P’ungnyu Strings (Komungo)

Filmed November 17, 2011

Accompanying the opening of Highlights, this meditative short performance of six-stringed komungo celebrates p’ungnyu, the classical ensemble music of Korean nobility. As a philosophy, p’ungnyu refers to a state of leisure where one celebrates arts and companionship. The evening’s performer, Park Min-ji, graces the audience with her komungo skills. Park graduated from Hanyang University in Korea, was honored at the Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Concours in 2009, and took first in the National Traditional Performing Arts Competition in 2006. She also took first at the 2010 World Korean Traditional Performing Arts Competition in New York and was a member and soloist with the Seoul Metropolitan Youth Traditional Music Orchestra. She toured Atlanta, San Francisco, and Hawaii with the Korean Traditional Music Orchestra of Hanyang University in 2010.

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Cast: The Korea Society

Tags: music, arts and traditional