Yoplait Original Yogurt: Yuja Flavor

The most shopping I do in life seems to be at the grocery store. In college I only had about 25 dollars a week to live off of for groceries. Gosh! Can you imagine! I remember going to the cheap-o supermarket and getting a loaf of bread for 2.50, and thinking "Sheesh so expensive!"

In those days, a new flavor of jam was my excitement for the week. Actually, that fact is still true to this day. However, most yummy jams in Korea are really expensive.

I suppose my exciting flavor change of the week is finding Yuja flavored yogurt on sale at Lotte Mart.
Yuja or 유자 is a tangy form of a lemon. Out here they like to turn it into tea and other things. I especially like Yuja Cha, but wonder about the sugar content.

Anyways, this Yuja yogurt tasted quite good. It had the punch of the lemony flavor but also a nice sweetness too. There were even bits of Yuja fruit inside, which I enjoyed discovering.

Tom didn't have much interest in this yogurt, I guess he prefers the plain flavors. So no "paws up" for this one, haha.
Have you discovered a yogurt you like in Korea? Do share...