When Things Don't Go As You Plan

 Rocketman had the day off and was itching to go into Seoul.  We first went to Hongdae to do some Christmas shopping at our favorite shop, The Art Box.  It was after 11 am when we arrived in Hongdae and so we decided to eat at one of our favorite places, Dos Tacos.  We walked in only to be told that they didn't open until noon.  We settled on Subway next door. 

Next was The Art Box and we arrived there about 11:25am.  We walked in only to be told that they didn't open until 11:30 am.  We waited outside for 11:30am and walked back in.  We didn't realize until we left that they prop the doors open when they are open for business (even though the air conditioning is cranked).  But we managed to do some a lot of damage to Rocketman's wallet anyway.

As we walked back towards the subway station, we passed a "Cat Cafe" where live cats are roaming around as you drink your coffee.  We thought it would be a fun place to check up and made our way up to the third floor only to find it didn't open until 1 pm.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?
 Rocketman wanted to go to Seoul Selection Bookstore near the Anguk Station.  It was quite a walk and in the heat we were getting tired.  We finally found it!
 The same street leads to that new trendy part of Seoul where my jewelry guy was so we thought to visit his shop.
                                              We saw lots of interesting things on the walk.

 When we turned up the street, I was surprised to find the opposite side of the street looked like this.
                                But I knew we were heading in the right direction. 

 Here is the street where my jewelry guy's shop is.  We walked and then I found it only to see that it was totally gutted and being rebuilt.  I have no idea where he went but I have his business card.
                                                            The yarn place was still there.
                              But they added a lot of new shops since we had been there last.
                          I felt so defeated and thirsty so we went into a local Coffee Bene to rest.

 We just couldn't believe our luck today.  Everything was going wrong.  We headed back to Sadang Station and decided to eat at our favorite galbi place which is just a block away from the station.  As we turned onto the street, we saw that the galbi place was under construction.  We couldn't believe and just stood there staring.

One of the workers pointed to a doorway which led into the basement and said we could go there.  He told us that they were open.  We carefully made our way through the narrow entrance and deep stairs to the basement.  We climbed back up into the restaurant only to be told that they don't open until 4 pm and it was about 3 pm at this time.  This was not surprising at all considering the day we had been having.  So we found our way back out of the restaurant and decided to head home.
 Right in front of the bus stop is a Kimbap Heaven place where you can order all kinds of Korean food cheap so we decided to eat there.  Rocketman had this, albap and I had kimchi jjigae.  We rode the bus home shaking our heads.  What a day!
                                      At The Art Box, I did pick up these cute luggage tags.
                                                     And this poop cellphone accessory.
                                                                    Some cute clips.
 And finally, these cute pens.  Rocketman was wondering if it was a full moon.  The bus driver narrowly missed a car that had pulled out in front of the bus. I'm just glad that we made it home in one piece.