Things I Like Thursday – Thai Massage

Things I Like Thursday – Thai Massage

Some days you deserve to be pampered. I used to turn to high sugar foods or a stiff drink when I was stressed out. I’m not saying that I’m a saint, but when I have the money and can spare an hour, which isn’t often, I treat myself to a Thai Massage.

It’s 60 minutes of bliss. After a week of running and strength training, a deep tissue massage and tiger balm is meet with groans of pain and pleasure. Call me a masochist but I like my massages to bruise.

They are fairly authentic massages, performed by Thai women. Including the back twist, neck crack and full body stroll down your back. Where they differ is the price. They are a far cry from the massages I would get every-other day while in Thailand.  They’re not 180 baht more like 50,000won (US$50).

It’s not cheap but sometimes you’re worth it. Or at least your girlfriends are, and if you shout one a massage you should not feel guilty about joining.

You can read more about it prices and locations @ BusanHaps
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