A Spoilt Evening

I wrote a controversial piece in an English Magazine this week about the Korean dog meat industry. Responses were interesting, contentious and stressful. I was happy to arrive home Friday evening to my pets, darling boyfriend and a package from AliensDayOut.

Dinner with more than a few glasses of wine, chocolate and nut truffles, and a slice of delicious orange pound cake – all 100% vegan!! And aren’t they wrapped in the cutest fashion, made with love and care, accompanied with a hand written note. Adore.

For those playing at home, many wine labels advertise whether a product is vegetarian/vegan on the back, usually with the sexy V. If you didn’t already know, some animal ingredients used in wine making are isinglass (a very pure form of gelatine from sturgeon fish bladders), gelatine (extract from boiled cow’s or pig’s hooves and sinews) and egg-whites.

Wines processed using egg whites or casein, an egg by-product, are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. Typically white wines use these processing aids. Fortunately, I’m a red wine junkie.

I know I’m doing this in reverse order but here’s what I had for dinner. I didn’t even have to cook it! A delicious Bolognese with fusilli pasta. For the  Bolognese my boyfriend used Vegemeat, the green tinned variety, which added a brilliant ‘meaty’ texture to the meal.

BTW: If you’ve noticed the cheese on top and are tut-tutting, restrain your finger. This was Dave’s meal (vegetarian), I had already spoiled mine my tucking in too fast and ruining its photographic appeal.

A savvy vegan in South Korea
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