Random pictures, part the 28 (Korea and Japan style)

Your roughly-somewhere-between-weekly-and-monthly-dose of random pictures coming up:

ZenKimchi, eat your heart out - or just the window. They were hanging inside a restaurant window near Gwanghwamun Plaza.

Everybody, count of three, aaaaaaawwwwww... Kids get onto the Seoul subway system free, and thankfully getting through as an adult was made difficult by the lowered height.

Mary, send me the name of your shoulder pad designer - those things make the ladies of the 80's look minuscule... Seen at the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul.

A clever way to keep your head and neck warm - but can we lose the freaky eyes?

Those aren't just manboobs - that's.... um... something else altogether.

The lights around Gwanghwamun Plaza - I really enjoyed the lights interact with the falling water from the fountains.

This Mona Lisa is made up of - are you ready? - subway tickets. Each 'pixel' is about 8mm x 8mm, and shows the white or black side of a former ticket. Incredible.

A restaurant attached to Osaka's Kansai Airport. Insert money, then press the button for the meal you want. It's only in Japanese, but thankfully there's a picture menu right next to it (not pictured).

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