Queer Links from the Week: Seoul District court ruled cancelling of military exemption illegal, homosexuals destroying the constitution?

In regards to a transsexual who had not undergone surgery but was given exemption from military service, the Seoul District court ruled that cancellation of military exemption is illegal. However, this also falls under the jurisprudence of the military law, so way beyond my Korean language/law abilities.

There is a great article on being queer in North Korea over NK News. Something we don't get to hear about much.

For the news from the Christian front, we get a nice article titled 'Homosexuals, destroying the constitution and bringing a sense of crisis to the country and our families' from Christian Today. The article is just information about last week's seminar titled "If we allow homosexuals , what problems will arise in our society?" I don't know whether to laugh or cry....

Of course, there are also cooler Christians like the brave Hyeong-tae who wrote about being a gay Christian over at Media Today.

In pop culture, Si-woo Lee talks about his role in the Korean drama Liar Game and how he likes difficult roles, particularly referring to his gay character in the short film I'm Horny Now (how did I not hear about this movie?)

Jeon Su-gyeong, an actress in La Cage Aux Folles, talked about how if her daughter wanted to marry a man who had gay parents she would agree to it... I guess that is progressive?

Kim Dong-wan from Korean band Shinhwa uploaded a picture for his role in Hedwig with netizens oozing about his many talents.

In response to his reputation about being incompetent in terms of dating, Kim Jong-kook mentioned on Healing Camp that there were rumors running around that he was gay. He does kind of have gay face...