Queer Links from the Week: Legality of Gay Sleeping Rooms, The Good Young Man, and Gays in the Fashion Industry

Once again all the news from this week is in Korean... I hope my tiny summaries give you a taste of what is going on.

A long piece in the Hankyoreh looks at an ongoing court case concerning gay sleeping rooms. Mr. K was sued for providing illegal sexual services through his business, but K and his lawyer argue that operating a sleeping room does not qualify as sex trafficking. Mr. K won in the lower courts, but the case is being appealed. If I find the time, I'll try to translate this article, but it is quite long.

The Good Young Man

Both the Jungang Daily and News Culture have an article on a new show in Daehangno, which had its press call last week. The Good Young Man (바람직한 청소년) portrays the 'real lives of teenagers today' and includes queer themes. The show is playing until the 1st of May (tickets can be found over at Interpark).

Suwon Nambu Police Station has detained without detention 20-year-old Mr. A for allegedly threatening to expose his sexual relations with 14-year-old Mr. B. Mr. B reported the actions of Mr. A to the police on the 20th of January.

Earlier this week, Rainbow Daegu had their foundation ceremony. Their stated goals is to fight against bigotry and the unfair invasion of rights, and stand up against discrimination. Awesome news from a conservative part of Korea.

In pop culture, Ddak TV did an interview with Hong Seok Cheon on 해먹방, or broadcasting what one eats. On Taxi, model Song Kyeong-a and actress Han Hye-jin talked about gays (or the lack there of) in the fashion industry in Korea versus in the states, saying that while there were hardly any models, there were some that worked in the industry.

Oh, and I guess we shouldn't forget about the gay kiss shared between North Korean soldiers. I don't know if they are actually kissing or just being friends, but either way, I hope that they aren't punished...