kraft macaroni and cheese

Steve and I just ate an entire box of it! And it has stirred up a lot of thoughts and emotions in me. We received a care package today from Steve's parents and it included this small box of amazing food, among other things! Of course we didn't wait or save it for a rainy day, we ate it immediately after our evening run.

This is what happens with all of the care package food that we get from our parents. The Cheetos, the four boxes of girl scout cookies, the peanut butter meltaways. They are gone, within minutes, empty packages and boxes left behind as embarrassing evidence. Tonight, we ate it in silence, like two people eating their first meal after days of starvation. I inhaled spoonfuls of the orange sauced noodles and then, realizing that the plate was quickly becoming empty, I slowed to eat one noodle at a time. Jabbing one noodle on the end of the fork and trying to savor each bite. Sadly it had to come to an as all good things do.

So why is this simple and cheap meal so incredibly amazing, we wonder to ourselves. We try to rationalize and can't.  Maybe it means so much more than just the taste. Childhood memories,  the comfort of home, the distance that it traveled to get to us, the love that was sent with it, college memories of a Barenaked Ladies concert that my mom, sister, and I went to and took with us a box of this deliciousness to for the famed song, 'If I had a million dollars'. Is that what it's all about?

This post is by no means a cry out for friends and family to bombard us boxes of kraft macaroni and cheese or other food items. In fact, that would ruin the experience that I am writing about. It would ruin the amazing few minutes that steve and I sit and devour, like animals, this simple box of processed food and then talk about why it is so good. We are really spoiled, in fact. We have only been here just shy of four months and have already received numerous care packages from our parents and grandparents that cost a small fortune. They are really special to us and mean so much. And I think that is why the items inside taste so good. It is a taste of home, it came from home. It's about so much more than the taste of kraft macaroni and cheese.
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Re: kraft macaroni and cheese

Don't know if you live in Busan but if you do go to PNU. Both soultrane and crossroads are now serving KD (Kraft Dinner) with sausage.