Who said Korean architecture was boring?


Re: Who said Korean architecture was boring?

I did but I am not sure how you would know that. Buildings here, especially apartments are boring as whatever it is you find boring.  I love architecture but basically you have 40 to 50 story buildings here that all look the same. There are a couple cool buildings in Seoul but come on, taking a pic like this hardly means it is not boring. Even Korea's tallest building is boring (in Songdo New City..ironically it has not been finished though as the workers did not get paid so tehy stopped working on it. It is about 320m but some of the outside and the interior has not been finished..I stayed right beside there at the new Sheraton this summer). There are a couple of new buildings getting built in Seoul that will be among the tallest in the world and they look cool but let's wait and see. I actually wish they built half of the buildigns they said they were going to do. In Busan, The Suyeong Bay tower never got built, Lotte World 2 tower no, Solomon Tower near Bexco no and now the Resort in Haueundae (which looked amazing) has been changed to something much smaller. In Songdo New City the 151 story twin towers no...goes on and on. Look at tallest proposed buildings in the world and Korea has like 5 in the top 10-all not being built. But like I said, there are two being built now in Seoul. Lets hope they keep them the way they were desinged. Both are like 600m. Lets hope! This is a cool pic though!!! But, Korean buildings are quite boring though in general. Kind of like concrete milk jugs.

Re: Who said Korean architecture was boring?

Boring, not boring; irrelevant. Still standing is better.

Korean buildings have a knack for falling down. Department store in 1995 when I just arrived, they still won't acknowledge the real death toll. A major complex basement parking lot, there are hundreds of examples of smaller buildings as well. Recently on the verge of toppling because of poor drainage and erosion the brand new Ulsan foreign language high school.