Violin lessons in Korea(online)


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I am offering violin/viola/ukulele lessons online. I have been teaching in both the US and Korea for more than 25 years including university prep, afterschool programs, and music academies. I have a lot of experience in teaching students in all ages and levels. I have Masters and PhD in music. By the way beginners, you are extremely welcome!!! cause I can teach not only how to play the instrument but also note reading. You're in good hands! :) I am an open-minded, outgoing person and am very passionate about teaching. 
I put a heavy emphasis on building a community where my students get to know and give support to each other. We also give 2 recitals per year in the summer as well as winter. I also have the instrument rental option. 

As of January 2024, I have a special new year's deal going on, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me or make an appointment for an online meeting. I'd like to get to know you! You can also visit my Google ad or go to my facebook page at or IG @dr_yu_violin_studio_seoul

Thank you!