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Homee's is back~! In honor of  our special triumphant return we have a special 10,000 Won menu (delivery not included):

2 topping small pizza (voted best in  Busan)

Mac and Cheese deluxe


Wet Burrito

Finally a Foreign restaurant for Lazy People and shut-ins.   Homee Delivery brings you Mexican and Italian (yes we have lasagna) food and the best pizza in town (really). All delivered to your door hot and fresh. Located in Jangsan, in the building across from Byuk San apartments and behind the Coffee Bean and Tea leaf. (In case you want to walk and pick it up!) So call (051)701-9177 tonight and order some delicious Homee's! Check out our menu below!

Homee Delivery (051) 701-9177

Serving Haeundae and Gwanahn (beach deliveries available)

6pm - 10pm  6-12 on Saturday (Closed Wednesdays)



Chef Recommends:
I-Ty Pizza: Italian Sausage,Parmesan,Spinach,Basil,Mushrooms:
Small 14,000/Medium 25,000/Large 46K,000

Home Cheese: Parmesan, Cheddar, Provolone, X-tra mozz:
Small 14,000/Medium 25,000/Large 46,000

Veggie Mate: Onions, Spinach, Green peppers, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Black olives:
Small 15,000/Medium 26,000/Large 48,000

Size              The first two toppings are free               _____add topping 
A little square (1-2 people) 23cmX23cm                  11,000 won    1,000 won
A long square (3 – 5people) 46cmX23cm     20,000 won     2,000
A big square(8 people/1 really fat guy)46cmX46cm   38,000 won     4,000
A crisp, toasted crust is a covered by golden cheese and loaded with your choice of  toppings:
Extra cheese -Green peppers -Tomatoes
Sausage -Spinach -Onions
-Basil -Black Olives -Cheddar
-Ham -Garlic -Provolone
-Sausage -Spinach -Onions
-Mushrooms -Black Olives -Cheddar


Add Sour cream 1,000won; avacado 2,000won
Chicken Quesadilla 10,000won
Burrito (Beef or Chicken)               10,000won
Wet BurritoTopped w/spicy bean sauce&Cheese 12,000won
Nachos (Beef or Chicken)                 12,000won
Chips and (home made)Salsa         7,000won
Cheesy Taco Dip&Chips          7,000won

Sandwiches (served with chips)
Chicken Sandwich        12,000won
Big Garden Salad(ranch /balsamic vinaigrette) 9,000won (Add Chicken 3,000 won)

Lasagna (vegetarian available) 12,000
Baked Spaghetti 10,000 won
Mac & Cheese 10,000 won
Mac & cheese Deluxe 12,000 won
(with sausage, green peppers and onions)

Drinks        2,000won
Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Cider

Ask us about catering your next party or get together!

***10,000 won delivery minimum***
****There is a 2,000won delivery charge for each order under 50,000won****



Re: Homee delivery

pictures please...
Food seems quite expensive, it'd be nice to see what it looks like. :)

Re: Homee delivery

Pending pictures, I'm here to tell you that their food, especially the pizza, is perfectly scrumdiddlyumptuous.

Just to clarify...

The redonkulous size veggie(48,000won) is larger than any other pizza available for delivery in Busan, serves 8-12 people (easily) (equals 6,000 per 'dutch pay' participant,) and has far more cheese and toppings than any other pizza in town.  If that price scares you, our fat size(serves 2 people for 15,000) and superfat size (serves 4 people for 26,000) both have the same ratio of cheese and toppings as the redonkulous.  And we were voted 'Best Pizza in Town' by Busan Haps magazine.  I really hope you give us try~!

Re: Just to clarify...

I have ordered form Gus many times and it has always been very good. I have never ordered the super duper large but I have ordered the other two sizes. The medium size my wife and I could not finish and the small size I barely did. I made my own and it cost like 13000WON. So you can't just look at a prize and say it is too much-you need to see it. The pizzas are big and delicious. I really love the burritos as well. You can go out to a bar and get food or stay in and have it deliverd for the same price. Pretty easy call if you just want to chill and eat good Western food. Bon appetit.

Re: Just to clarify...

nice testimonies, I guess i'll have to try it :) Especially if Mr. Swanda is making them :)

Re: Homee delivery

So sorry to hear about your father.  You are missed in Busan!