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[Part-Time teacher] - Short term position (Not Online teaching)


Hello, dear. 


We are looking for teachers who can teach the 4-8 years old kids at the Library where all over in Busan.

This position is “Winter Reading Camp”


Working Time : Part time teaching

(Every Wednesday 3rd,10th,17th,24th of January)


-Addresse of you are going to work

주소: 부산광역시 강서구 과학산단220번길 5 지사문화회관 2층 도서관



We are looking for the teachers who can speak and understand & communicate with Korean teachers on Korean (a little fluent in Korean).

We are looking for the teacher who enjoy teaching and studying with them.

We are currently looking for the teacher who already in Busan. 

We are looking for the teacher who live near Gangseogu, Myeonji.



If you are interested in this position please send your resume

through Kakaotalk.

  1. are hiring the person who comes from countries where speaks English

as a first language. (Austrailia, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand)


karla3579 (KAKAOTALK ID) 


Hourly wages : Follow the library’s Policy


Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 


Is Health Insurance in the contract? : 


Do you arrange for immigration permission to work this job? *: 


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No Recruiter Documentation Provided