Sajik Minerva(사직 미네르바국제아카데미) is looking for a part-time native English teacher

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Sajik Minerva(사직 미네르바국제아카데미) is looking for a part-time native English teacher

1)Location:4th floor,Hee-cheon building,Minamro 5,Yeon-je-gu,Busan 
(a 10 to 15 minute walk from sports complex (종합운동장역))

(M/W/F - 3~6:00pm (W- 7:00 pm)or M/T/W - 3~6:00pm - (negotiable)

2)Starting Date: Monday, April 1st,2024
(For the smooth transition,you are asked to be at Minerva to be handed over some duties during the last week of March,from 25th to 27th)
3)Hourly wage:30,000
4)Class Age: Elementary school students
5)Duration of contract:A year 
6)Fringe benefits: medical care,pension,visa, a deposit for housing if you need it.

(If you would like an extra job,we can introduce you to another hagwon where you can work on every Tuesday and Thursday (or every Thursday and Friday))

If you're interested,please send me a message here or email your resume to my email : [email protected]

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