Looking for a Native English teacher for 1 on 1 with an adult


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I am the president of the English Institute and I want to take 1 on 1 class for myself. I can speak English well enough to communicate but would love to be more fluent.

I am looking for a foreign teacher who's from USA, Canada, England or Austrailia and has teaching experience.

- Working Time ; Preferably, 10am-11am or 11am-12pm (1hour). It could be discussed.

- Working Day ; 2 or 3 times a week. (any day of the week)
- Location: Seo Myeon, Busan

Payment ; 30,000 won per hour


  - University background

  - Experience in teaching and in Korea

If you are interested, please send your Resume to my email.

(j[email protected])


The post will be deleted if hired.

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