Fulltime Busan MyeongJi (Kindy homeroom teacher)


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We are looking for well- qualified native English teachers (homeroom teacher) to join our team of dedicated staff.


-starting date  : 1.March

-location : Busan MyeongJi

-class age :5-7

-working hours : 9:00-6:00(5-6classes per day , 40

Minutes each)

-salary : 2.6-3.0 (very negotiable depending on experience, qualifications etc)

- housing, allowance ✔️

-holidays : the legar minimum + all red days (negotiable)

-50% Health Insurance contribution ,national pension

✔️Send me a resume with your photo or video 

[email protected]

✔️native speaker only

✔️must be in Korea currently to apply

Looking for someone who is resposible and passionate about helping young children learn! Thank you







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