Weightlifting gym

Does anyone know of a good weightlifting gym in Busan? 

I'm looking to start the StartingStrength program and it would be nice to find a gym with good barbells, weights, and a nice power cage for squatting.  A place where they don't mind you not setting the weights down slowly during dead-lifts with a knowledgeable trainer would be ideal.  

Re: Weightlifting gym

I'd be interested in finding out a place where you can really drop weights also.  I work out at Hangajok fitness in danggam dong.  3 barbells, good weights, 1 decent squat rack.  They don't mind me doing crossfit workouts, but obviously no real dropping allowed (gym is on upper floor). 

Re: Weightlifting gym

Bro, you should let people know where you live or work. Busan is a big place. If you live in Gaya are you really going to come to Haeundae to work out- Justa word to the wise my friend. Good luck.