Voltage/Frequency and european devices

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I could not figure out why the voltage in Korea must be the awkward (from a european point of view) combination of 220V/60Hz.

Which appliances will work, which won't?

Computers should be no problem, most of them are multi-voltage/freq. anyway. Especially laptops. What about refrigerators, washing maschines, dryers, etc.? Will I have to buy all that stuff new, or can i take some of it with me?

What are the prices for electric/electronic devices like in Korea (compared to europe again)?

Thanks for your help


Re: Voltage/Frequency and european devices

Are you moving here permanently? Because if you are thinking of bringing your fridge and washing machine et al surely that's going to be kind of expensive to ship. You might as well buy the stuff here. It's very cheap second hand.

Also, these days, more and more places are coming with appliances already fitted.

But, to answer your question the answer seems to be yes and no. Check out this article which answers your question exactly.


Re: Voltage/Frequency and european devices


thank you very much for the link. I learned a lot. So the Korean system is the american system? I thought the US had a 120V system. But with a +/- setup it will deliver both 120 and 240V.

So if i want to ask our experts here in germany it might be easier to get an answer to the question wether it will run in the USA. Nobody knows about Korea, here.

It will be for 2 years in the beginning, but with the option for more. Shipping is not the problem. My employer will ship a few containers and our stuff can be shipped with them. But if the prices in Korea are not that high, it might be better to sell our stuff here and buy new there. But I heard it would be difficult to get a dryer?

My computers/laptops, tv and so on will work then, as these came with US plugs (now I understand why that is possible).



Re: Voltage/Frequency and european devices

as far as a dryer, the washing machine/dryer combos are quite popular here.  since you are asking for advice, i would buy one of those here and do yourself an extended warranty and you will be covered.  much easier to get something repaired that was purchased here.  happy moving to you