Ulsan to Busan

Hello everybody! I am new to Korea, living in Ulsan. I just wanted to know what the easiest way would be to get to Busan as well as Daegu from my city. I really want to explore but I'm not sure how to go about it yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Ulsan to Busan

the bus system in korea is actually really great and ulsan is close to both busan and daegu. 

just go to the bus station in downtown ulsan (it's behind lotte department store) and simply buy your ticket. 

when you're coming to busan, you can choose to come to nopo-dong which is in the north part of the city and is the main bus terminal (good if you want to go out in the PNU area, hike/cable car on geumjeongsan, or visit beomosa) or haeundae (if you want to check out the beaches). 

i'm sure there are also a couple of drop-offs in daegu as well. 

it's also nice to try the train from ulsan to busan, as it travels along the coast. nice view both in daylight and after dark (you can see all the lights of the factories outside ulsan). 

happy traveling! lots to see and do!