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Three Asian food stores in Sasang, Asia, Asian, Pak-Asia: beans, curry

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Asian Food Mart: 

Take the subway to Sasang #227, exit to the Sobu Bus Terminal. Walk out of exit number 3 and go straight towards the river and Emart/Homeplus. Turn right at the first street. You will see the Asian Mart on your left before the next corner. The store faces the wall of the back of the Sobu Bus Terminal.

It is a small place, but packed with Indian/Pakistani products. You might like to drop by and buy dried red beans to make chili at home. Or, you might like the long grain rice they sell. Or the frozen lamb. Lentils? Chick Peas/Garbanzos?

Do you need some chewing tobacco mixed with cardamom seeds?

I was told that their restaurant, Quetta, is now closed.
Yeah, this place pretty much rocks. I went there yesterday not expecting all that much and ended up spending 30,000 without blinking. 
Best of all they had fresh cilantro....three plants for...get this...2,000 won. I just made some salsa with it and it's good s***. Premium. I even planted one for kicks. 
I also bought some frozen samosas, the exact same kind they sell at Ganga. What do they sell those for at Ganga....2 for 5,000 or some such crap? Anyway, a big bag of them was 9,000, so I grabbed one.
When you go make sure to talk to the owner. She's Korean, and married to a Pakistani who runs the place down the street. She speaks a bit of English too. She took us on a little tour of the place and was really nice. They have also have lamb, halal meats, and a bunch of hard to find rices. 
I thought someone on here had said they sold tortillas, but when we asked the woman the only "tortilla" she'd ever carried is the Indian style flat cracker bread. 

**The one thing I would say about these directions is that when you come up the subway stairs you are facing the Lotteria, but the front of the Lotteria faces the street so you're actually looking at the side. You still go left. 
***I only say this because people seem to get a bit huffy about directions on here...
Well now let's see if we can get this straight here. Now in Sasang there are three Asian markets, all within a block of each other. I can verify this because I reside right across the street from the one that has been here the longest; which is the one on the street running parallel to that which the E-mart, Rene City, and Homeplus face. It is also just one block over. The other two are just around the corners, on streets running perpendicular each on opposite sides. These other two are also in the blocks closer to the main street. Right now I do not know the name of each, but the one associated with the Quetta (Indian or South Asian) restaurant is on the street which is closer to Seobu Terminal and the Subway, or further away from the E-mart. Just for the record the restaurant by the way was at first an Asian market, last year before they got the brilliant idea that actually a restaurant was needed more than the market and then they moved the market to the next block and converted the other one to a restaurant.

Now besides food items I can say that their other main product seems to be phone cards.
The original store is called ASIA MART. Mr. Ali Malik and his wife own it. It opened 8 years ago.
Phone: 322-6080 HP 010-7475-6080, email: [email protected] English is spoken.
Open 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM every day.

To find this store, walk out the street exit #3 and walk directly towards Emart/HomePlus. At the second street, turn right and walk past the Pak-Asia store. Turn right at the corner and you will see it quickly on your left.

The store has the largest variety of products from the largest number of countries. Featured products are from Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. They have International Calling Cards, DVD's, a large selection of grains, spices, snacks, sweets, canned foods, grains AND TORTILLAS as well as PITAS. Also, Hanoi Beer and TsingTao. Samosas and Indonesian honey.

6 inch tortillas, 3,000 won; 8 inch, 4,000 won; 10 inch, 5,000 won. Pitas for 4,000 won.

Lamb ribs or legs, 1.8 Kg, 11,000 won Boneless Lamb, 2Kg 15,000 won Ground Beef 1 Kg, 7,000 won... [Compare your local grocery store and see what you can buy for 700 won per 100 grams!]

Basmatti rice, 1 Kg, 7,000 won Thai Jasmin rice, 5 Kg, 15,000 won Thai long grain, 10Kg, 15,000 won
The third store is facing Emart. This is the Pak-Asia Mart. 

In order to find what you want for the best price, you really need to visit and compare all three of the stores. The day I visited, I noticed that the huge bottles of Chinese Tsing Tao beer cost 2.500 won at Asia mart, but Pak-Asia had them for 2,000 won. These bottles are TWICE the size of those at MegaMart and such. Each store is slightly different.. prices and products.

The Pak-Asia store is across from Emart. Take the subway to Sasang and leave via exit number 3. Walk straight ahead towards Emart/HomePlus. Turn right at the second intersection at Emart. Pak-Asia is close by on your right side.

In summary, the three stores are each on the three sides of the same block.
asian nightlife is the best because its not just about clubs or fast food diners or some open grocery stores or walmarts.

they really know how to do nightlife with street vendors, shopping etc. you can get any type of food at night or go shopping. also, they have very nice bars. asians are way ahead and less boring in this department.




Asia Mart in Sasang

Here's the latest update on what Mr. Ali Malik has going on at Asia Mart in Sasang. The location is still the same, so please follow previous entries for directions. Here goes:

Pinto Beans!!!
Fresh Basil
Fresh Mint
Lamb (on the bone and boneless)
Long Grain Rice
Pita Bread
Flour Tortillas

Before going out there be sure to call to make sure he has what you need in stock. If he runs out of the fresh products, he usually restocks them pretty quickly, so be sure and call first. He speaks perfect English.

Here is his info:

Tel. 010-7475-6080
Email - [email protected]

pinto bean?

 really, they have pinto beans?  are you sure?  pinot beans are my favorite.  they have always had what appears to be adzuki beans.  (they look like pinto beans, but are pink instead of brown).  did he say they were pinto beans?  if so, that is awesome.  thanks for posting such wonderful bean information

Yes, they're pinto beans!

 Elmo, just to confirm they are real pintos. I bought a kilo of them and made some great refried beans! I read the label and they are from China, but definitely the same as any pintos I've purchased in Texas. Pick up some cumin and fresh cilantro while you're there, too.. 




I am absolutely positive they are pinto beans. He personally ordered them for me when in an acto of desperation I went in and asked him to. He googled them, and within 5 days he had ordered like 20 boxes of 20 packages per box. 1KG cost 6,000won.


Since then, I have been seeing them at literally every market. In Korean they are called 새알콩 (pigeon egg beans, or something like that). If you go to any market, particularly the one by Bujeondong train station, you'll see several ajummas selling them.

thank for the bean post

well mr./ms/mrs shiner, thanks for the pinto post.  that is pretty cool.  now if he could only import some whole grain basmati.  took in a package from the us&a once, but he said he could not get it.  he said it was 'usa rice' or something like that.  it confused me a little bit, given that he is an importer and all.   your bean announcement may just change my breakfasts from here on out.  maybe even my life.  do you remember how much they were?  by the way, you can also get cilantro at emarts.   it is labeled as 'hot pepper' for some reason.  it costs 1480won or something like that


 The pintos were 5,000/kg, the garbanzos & lentils 3,500/kg. That's a great deal considering they're dried and will last forever. I'd been buying those S&W black beans at around 3,000 a can at Homeplus..a rip-off AND they stopped stocking them. Ali said he would continue to import pintos but you never know, so it wouldn't hurt to buy a couple of kg's.

I know you can get cilantro (고수) at Emart in a pinch, but he has a huge fresh bunch of it for 2,000!

~mr shiner (bock)


 Costco used to sell

 Costco used to sell artichoke hearts, but then they disappeared! Not much help, but worth keeping your eyes open.

They also used to sell pâté too, but alas also gone!



those are not pinto beans.  they do say pinto beans on the label, but they are labeled incorrectly.  they are the same beans that people sell in markets all over korea.  near as i can tell they are tongue of fire or bartolli (sp) beans, which it seems that koreans call pigeon beans.  the flavor is alright with seasoning, but not that great, especially compared to pinto beans.  the look is very similar, but the beans in korea have a pink speckled pattern, whereas pinto beans are brown on brown.  just find a picture of pinto beans and compare them to what are for sale here.  when i get my next shipment of pintos, i will take some into mr.malik and show them to him.  he got ripped off by whoever labeled those pinto beans.  then again, maybe the bag i bought was a bum bag, but i doubt it.  they all looked the same, though.  anyway, those are not pinto beans.  however, the homeplus in ssaasssaaang had eight cans each of the s&w chili beans and black beans.  i bought five each, so i left the other three of each for whoever also likes to go on bean hunts.  thanks for trying to get him to order pintos, much appreciated

Re: beans

I was in one of the stores the other day and they had real Doritos and Cheetos. I mean the REAL things. I think they were 5,000 which is kinda pricey but may be worth is if u have a craving. They also had Nutela but maybe that isn't too rare. I forget the name but maybe its PakAsia trading or something. The owner is really nice and you can't miss him with his coke bottle glasses. They also have some kind of Indian or Pakistani chewing tobacco(dip). Its not in tins like Skoal or anything. They are like greenish bricks with the consistency of clay, but they do the job and are only a buck. I've also gotten dill pickles, canned Indian food and frozen nan, nuts, beans, some foreign beer/alcohol(mostly Asian) and just some random snacks from other parts of Asia that are worth trying. 

Re: Three Asian food stores in Sasang, Asia, Asian, ...

I was there a week ago.  Two comments:

1) Sangam Indian Restaurant is on the same street, on the second floor.  The food is good, but our party of five waited an hour to be served. The lunch buffet also looks good and would have less waiting.

2) Be careful with the food at those stores.  Check the expiry dates.  Actually this is good advice in much of Korea.

Re: Three Asian food stores in Sasang, Asia, Asian, ...

There are actually 4 stores now. There is a new one opened, same street on the corner of the same street called Asian Food Mart. To be honest though I found Asia Mart the most helpful. And was extremely pleased to find shallots and thai red chilis as well as the usual corriander and lemongrass et al.