Outdoor Activities!

Hi, there.

 Are there foreigners interested in outdoor activities during your stay in Pusan on weekend or holidays? For instance climbing the mountain and visiting some Korean traditional places near Pusan city, doing exercise, have an experience on Korean culture and Korean delicious foods. I can find the best way to be there for you as a long term resident in Pusan city.....Those will be make your Korean lives abundant and rememberable...or I sometimes can offer my car for the trip. If we can be friends each other I can help you or give lots of information of Korean life during your residence. If you have an interest in Korean language I will help you to improve your Korean language. Of course I maybe get your nation's lives or information through you....I live in HaeUnDae.

Any foreigners able to speak English are welcomed whether man or woman.

Send me a message or reply. 
(My e-mail address is " [email protected] ")

Have a good time

DaeYoung, Kim


Try Pusan Meetup

Hey there if you google Pusan Meetup you will find a group that is mostly foreigeners and usually there are hikes and outdoor activities...I'm also available for hikes weekly!