Looking for a spa day in Busan

Hi, your help is needed!


I want to get my girl a spa day so she can have a relaxing day. But I don't want just your normal korean sauna. I'm looking for a package kind of deal (spa, massage, facial e.t.c) I know these places exist in seoul but in Busan i seem to be struggling.

I've checked out the main hotels in Haeundae but none seems to offer a full package deal.


Can anyone help?



Re: Looking for a spa day in Busan

You should check out Shinsegae's Spa Land.  There is an entrance fee, then you have access to lots of various steam rooms, saunas and even single sex baths if she's into that.  There are lots of places there to lay and relax and you can book manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. too.  I got one of the best massages I've ever had there.  I'm sure she'd love it.  Good luck!

Re: Looking for a spa day in Busan

I would definately recommend Spaland for a spa day - it's got alot of facilities including different saunas, foot baths, TV room, Yoga room, and the baths included in the entrance fee and then if you want any massages they are charged as extra.  It's a good day out :)

Re: Looking for a spa day in Busan

Haven't been there but have only heard good things about Shinsegye Spa Land. The spa in Aqua Palace on Gwangan beach also has all the stuff you want. That I have been to and it's nice.