IT Job - PostGraduate Degree but no Undergraduate

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IT Job - PostGraduate Degree but no Undergraduate

Hello everyone,

my name is Filippo and I am an IT Consultant working in Prague, the Czech Republic, but originally from Italy.

Just to be short:
I have 5/6 years of experience in big enterprises, I speak English and Italian and I am a beginner in Korean.
I have the following certifications: Cisco CCENT, CCNA, CCDA, ITIL, HP Technical certified and I have a PostGraduate Diploma in Advanced Networking from an UK University.

My main problem is that I do not have a Bachelor Degree.
To a lot of people might sounds odd, but in the UK/GB is often possible to get a PG Diploma even without an undergrad degree, in case the candidate holds the right experience/prior education/certifications.

My question is: do I have any chance to get a Visa (if I will find a company, ofc) or is not possible without the degree?

I know that should not be possible, but a PG Diploma is an university diploma higher than a bachelor degree, so that`s why I have this doubt.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: IT Job - PostGraduate Degree but no Undergraduate

nothing is impossible. you should try and go get what you want.

Don't care about your being without degree. I went to university but dropped out after a semester but i am working at an exporting company with decent payment and traveling world. Of course, here in Korea.

About the visa issue, i guess you can get working visa from being supported by any company here.

but i don't recommend you to look up korean companies since many of them get their employees to keep working after 6pm with no extra payment. and it would depend on what type of IT career you have.

If you can, try to find a job at foreign engineering companies for shipbuilding. It's a pretty strong and very demanding industry in Korea.


Hyunday, Samsung, Daewoo would be the big 3 ones and i am sure that there are many companies which have worked with one of them for several projects. jsut google and find the telephone number and contact somebody at human resource department. talk with that person in voice not just sending tons of emails. Period.